The Move

I’ve been neglecting this blog, and I’m feeling it hard. It’s not nice to not be able to come to what I consider my wordy safe haven and just vent. There’s a few reasons why I’ve been away. First of all, as ILB put it in his post yesterday, we’ve found a place. We’re moving in gradually, with the aim of being moved in fully by the end of next week. Let’s add that to the already massive list of things we do during the week, shall we?

It’s not the most perfect of place for two budding artists. It’s small and we share it with other people. But I want to make it work, badly. In the past seven months, I’ve moved four times. I don’t want this to feel like another transient place, I want to plant some roots, damnit.

It’s all taken its toll on my body. Yesterday, I felt unable to move, stiff and hurting in every corner of my body.

Another very frustrating thing about this situation is that I can’t seem to actually sit down and write about it. I mean, I’m doing it right now, but it’s taking me a hell of a lot of effort to get to the words to accurately describe this situation.

My blogging mojo is a bit gone.

It doesn’t mean that I’m pulling the plug on this here blog, no sirree. It just means that I want to ask you for some patience, while we both get ourselves moved, settled and rebooted.

I’ll be backington.



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  1. *hugs* It will all work out in the end. Plus you get to be together which instantly makes any space more home like. Love you guys. Pulling for ya both.


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