A Room of Two’s Own

So, as you may have gathered, we have successfully moved house. All fine and dandy, were it not for the fact that it was one of the most exhausting moves (and I’ve moved four times since June last year, so I’m totally qualified to say this) I have ever dealt with. I think we’re both still trying to recover from it, which has lead to us not having christened the bed with our sexy sexness yet. I’m sure that will come in due time though.

Anyway. As ILB explained, we are now effectively also sharing a workspace, with my desk on one side of the room and his on the other side. It’s a situation I will need to get used to as I’m more used to working alone in the workspace we had back in Casa ILB, on the grand desk in the corner. I love that desk. I love my new desk too, don’t get me wrong. But there is something so wonderfully affirming about having a massive wooden desk and a little nook where you can do your magic.

Virginia Woolfe’s famed essay A Room of One’s Own stated that ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction’. I see where she’s coming from, and it was certainly appropriate in the times in which she wrote said essay. But I don’t see the necessity for either of them. It may be because I currently have neither. It may be because I need neither of those things to actually produce a good work of fiction. I’ve been writing and living on a budget for a year and a half now (exactly two years and three days if you count the time I’ve been blogging- that’s right, I missed my own blogiversary) and I’ve managed to do my thing quite well.

But I welcome the change in situation. If it works will be proven as the days and weeks go by, but for now, I’m just happy to spend more time with ILB and to be able to walk over to his desk and ask for a cuddle or two is quite nice.

Still, sex would be good.

This happens. All the time.

This happens. All the time.

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  1. Congratulations on the move you two! Hopefully you take advantage! And Virginian Woolf was sooo right….xxx


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