Finessing Sex – A Snippet of Fiction

In a break from the usual proceedings (being the duty of recapping my Eroticon 2013 experience) I wanted to treat you guys to something I wrote during KD Grace’s excellent Finessing Sex session. After we had covered all bases, doing a short character sketch and setting a scene, we were asked to write a short scene in the space of ten/fifteen minutes.

For this scene, I resurrected Elin and Jase (remember those buggers?) and completely restyled them, because God knows they needed it. At the start of the scene, imagine our leading lady (short, redhead, big boobs) in the buff, if you please.

Here we go.


“Excuse me?” I say, my jaw nearly unhinging from the shock.

I have no time to contemplate just how wrong this whole shebang is because Jase pushes me against the cold, hard brick wall and silences me with an all-devouring kiss.The impact of the wall against my back makes me cry out in pain but slivers of pleasure build up in my stomach as he unzips his jeans and reveals his cock, proudly erect.

I’m momentarily lost for words, the worry of Jade returning from the market protruding in my mind but as he kisses me again, pressing his dick against my hip in the process, I lose the will to care.

My pussy is so wet, it has taken over my headspace and all I can hear is the words “Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him” on repeat.

He opens me, not just my pussy, every metaphorical inch of me. His breath hot on  my neck, his hands rough and calloused on my breasts, his moans, his guttural “I must have you now” moans and finally, blessedly, his cock inside me.

I am fucking Jade’s boyfriend and I don’t give a shit.

After all, she never did.


Comments welcome. I am here all week and I also do requests. Try the steak, it’s lush.

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