Sex Machines And Curious Pigeons

I’ve already talked at large about Kristina Lloyd’s excellent creative writing session at Eroticon this weekend. But I would like to elaborate on the “sex machine” she used. The sex machine was essentially an Excel spreadsheet, divided into differently coloured blocks. In each block, we were given the task to write a reaction to a prompt Kristina gave us. It was a very interesting exercise and it blew my perspective wide open. I actually wish I had more of those sex machines and more prompts, so I could practice. Kristina, if you’re listening and not busy?

Anyway, we were given the task to write something using the machines as a lead. At first I didn’t really want to because the last four days I’ve been solely posting my experiences at Eroticon, but I figured… eh, why not? So, dedicated to Kristina Lloyd Who Is Awesome, here’s my sex machine story.


He is as elegant as the butterfly resting on the dirty windowsill. One mercilessly simmering ray of sunlight shines through the window, framing him like a sculpture, a piece of inhuman art come to life. His kisses are like diamonds, leaving a trace of sparkling saliva on my lips. His groans hard like graphite. The pearly beads of lube coating his magnificent cock. I can feel my body overheating, glowing sweat sparkling like cheap diamanté on my breasts, my stomach, my neck. The fuzzy, stoned feeling of ecstasy, the dirty, earthy smell of his pubic hair and the musky taste of his penis.

My body contracts, my mouth still in a perfectly formed moan followed by a scream and a release into hysterical paroxysms like an earthquake in corporeal form. Then the giggles. The glee, the sweat and come, his mouth on my tits.


And the cooing of a pigeon, somewhere near the window.


Okay, it’s not one of my best but I like it!


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  1. Wow – that was epic, great piece of writing, nicely rounded off by that pigeon bit at the end – sounds like he got an eyeful!

  2. I am glad you are inspired. It’s bringing a new quality to life.

  3. Love, love, love! I like the graphite groan, the cheap diamante sweat, the dirty, earthy pube scent. You’ve totally got that mix of relish for the physical and the ‘woo’. Thank you for posting!

  4. Heh. Pigeon. They do have a habit of looking in at the windows, don’t they?


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