May I Take Advantage Of You?

We’re in the shower.

Well, scratch that, we’re still getting ready to get into said shower. For some reason, I’ve gone all giggly, which is a surprise as I’ve been mostly Inspector Morose this week. Must have been the post-Eroticon downfall, I guess. Or something about my medication being a bit fucked up.

Either way. Shower.

His cock looks inviting, but then again it has all week. Lathered up, however, it’s like his cock (and the rest of his body) is calling out to me. In the distance of my head, I can hear it over and over again. “I want you I want you I want you.” like a white magic hex, chanted until my head spins and I finally admit to him that I am “rather horny”.

He admits the same.

It’s taking me all I’ve got to not just have him right there, in the bathroom.

We do make it to our room. We both blow dry our hair.

And then I sit on the edge of the bed, wondering what to do. I say something, but I’m not quite sure what.

He pushes me on the bed and lets me lie there for a few seconds. He looks at me, sizing me up.

“May I take advantage of you?”

Breathless, I nod. He spreads my legs and dives between the clean folds of my pussy, letting his tongue search for my clit. It feels like a little light inside my chest has gone on. As he first tongue-fucks then tongue/finger fucks me, the light grows ever brighter and when he at last enters me, I feel like I’m about to explode in light.

My legs are everywhere, trying to get a grip, but as he fucks me, I can’t keep them where I want them to be. My body shakes and shudders and I don’t know how much time passes because it feels like there’s no such thing as time, only him, me and our fuck.

He comes. Pulls out, but I don’t want him to pull out. I change position, back to our usual way, and he comes back and slides into me and oh my dear God, it’s the best. It’s the best and it’s so bright and shiny and I’m lost in my own world of pleasure and us.

We come again, and after he pulls out (or falls out, as I would describe it), we lie in each other’s arms for a while, neither of us daring to speak. Then I whisper the only thing that rightly comes to mind.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.” he whispers back. He then says something, but I don’t remember what. It leads to him playing with himself and me watching until he shoots his pearly come over his chest and I smear some on mine because… I don’t know. It sounded hot to me. I lie back and bring myself to orgasm before… well, I’m not sure what happened after. Snuggles? Reading? Sleep?

What I do know is that we both needed it. And that we definitely need more. For a young couple, we don’t have as much sex as we’re supposed to, he said. And I think it’s time to rectify.


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  1. Sounds like far too much fun. What I wouldn’t give to have a sex session like that. Heck if my medical tests come back the way I am hoping I’m thinking BKE and I don’t even make it out of the shower.

    So happy for you both that you allowed sex to be a priority in that moment.

  2. Awesome how you both we horny, and coming, and maturbating, and thankful. Sounds pretty blissful.

  3. I always find the idea of cum sharing hotter, if I hadn’t already come. Like, swallowing, if I have come first, the thought is almost repulsive, but in the throes, its incredibly arousing.


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