Parfém – A Meditation On Scent

(Part of a series of meditations and musings on senses. I hope. Enjoy and try not to be grossed out.)

Last night, I was nestled in the nook I have come to love so much.

His protective arm wrapped around me, my own hand around his cock. I breathed in deeply and raised my head.

My cheek was moist from his sweat, but I did not care. I inhaled the scent of him even more.

“You smell sexy.” I said, or something to that liking. It’s true, he does smell sexy. Every inch of him, from the pits of his arms (I know.) to the fuzz on his crotch, it smells like one hundred percent pure sex.

Is it not amazing how scent can turn you on? How something so simple as the lingering notes of musk on a lover’s skin can instantly trigger a memory of a passionate kiss or a longing deep in the fiery pit of the belly?

Or how scent can brighten our day even when not related to sex? Just think about the smell of freshly baked croissants or the traces of petrichor after a heavy rain.

Scent can move us to ecstasy. Scent is primal, scent is attraction.

Scent is sexy.



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  1. OH I am a big person on smells. I love the smell of a fireman after a run. The combination of sweat and smoke and water.. makes me wet. My husband has this smell when he is sweating that just tears me up in a good way. I understand completely


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