I Know Where I Stand (Sexual Identity)

I am a young, bisexual, cis-gendered lady.

(I call myself a lady because I feel I’m not a woman.)

I am monogamous and happily so.

I am in a relationship with a wonderful man.

Although I am still discovering sex, I am happy to where it’s leading and I’m happy to have such a wonderful partner to discover myself with.

Discovering him is fascinating.

My body is fascinating. My body is thick, round and proud. I have stretch marks. It does not make me a lesser person. It makes me more of a human being than I already am.

My tastes in bed can be described as Madagascan Vanilla (vanilla, but with tiny specks in it.)

I like it when he talks honest and dirty.

I see sex and I write sex as honest, messy, sweaty, giggly and bubbly.

I see images. I see the styles of London (grey office blocks/colourful markets/peace) and the lights of a Joe Eszterhas movie.

I want to taste sex with every sense.

I want to soak it in.

I am sexual.

Are you sexual?

Are you sex?




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  1. Pervertically Virtuous

     /  April 4, 2013

    That was lovely…

  2. Such a simple stance, and honest, and yes…lovely.

  3. *cheers loudly* I bloody love this post!

    LadyP xx

  4. Wonderful post. Wonderful Jilly. *hugs lots*

    xx Dee


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