Bedroom Acrobatics

It’s not what you think.

I’ve been on an insomniac spell for a couple of days now. I tend to zone in and out though, not remembering if I’ve slept or what I’ve dreamt if I did sleep. It’s not really a pleasant thing, but I get by doing some thinking and making myself laugh as Loverboy sleeps contentedly by my side.

He really is fascinating in the middle of the night, I tell you that.

You probably don’t know how you sleep. You don’t know how you contort and twist and how your limbs tangle. In the morning, you’re most likely wondering how the hell you got into the position you’re currently in. It’s surely true for me.

Loverboy does a great job as a contortionist at night.

From sleeping with one leg upright to glomping me in the middle of the night, I don’t even know. I do find it fascinating. What drives his hand to be on my face? Or his leg bolted around mine?

Sleep is an endlessly interesting state….


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