Sex, Sex And Sex TMI

It’s been a long time since I dabbled in TMI Tuesday, but since it’s quite a beautiful day here in London, I decided to partake. This week’s theme is sex. And lots of it. Which is good news since I like sex and lots of it.

Let us play. If you want to join in, do so here.


1. Have you ever considered yourself completely sexually satisfied?

Define “completely”. Everyone has a different definition of what makes them completely sexually satisfied. For me, it depends on the situation and my needs at that time. So, I think I have been completely sexually satisfied quite a few times, yes.

2. What was the last sexy photo you took?

My Sinful Sunday.

3. When was the last sexy photo you took AND sexted? What was it of and to whom was it sent?

I don’t sext, my love. Hard to believe, but I don’t really use my phone, and I definitely don’t use it for sexting.

4. How is your sex-life?
a. Like a wet blanket
b. Like a warm cozy comforter
c. Like an electric blanket getting you all heated up
d. None of the above, I sleep without covers

Between b and c, which is good for me! I like a warm cozy comforter.

5. What’s your idea of good foreplay?

Giggles. Touches. More giggles. Kisses. Lots of kisses. Oral sex. Even more giggles.

Bonus: Can you have a great, long-lasting sex life with the same partner? How?

I think you can! By communicating, staying in touch with each other’s body and listening to each other.

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