Girl, 22, Bed On Fire

I don’t get my brain sometimes.

I’ve just come off a week of having my period, and the entire time, I was gagging for it. Although in my head I had other things going. I had job-related stuff to do, a story to write that wasn’t going well and… well, it seemed like a whole lot. But that didn’t matter, because in my head was a small voice that kept repeating YOU WILL HAVE THE SEX!

And who am I to argue with that voice, really?

So you can imagine what happened last night.

Hehe, what if I just stopped typing right there and let you fill in the blanks yourself? I bet you’d come up with something, you cheeky bugger.

But because I’m a funsponge, I’ll fill you in on the details I remember.

There was teasing. Lots of him kissing my back all the way down to my bum cheeks. There was his tongue, hot and tickly, licking me out until I shuddered for the want of his cock inside me.

He gave me what I wanted, for what seemed like the longest time. Fast, slow, rough, oh my God, the rough. I love being filled up by him. I love the sounds of body parts moving and connecting. The first simmering of spring outside and the bed on fire with passionate love inside.

Afterwards, we masturbated for each other. And then we lay in each other’s arms, talking about things and stuff and caressing bits and bobs.

This morning, I woke up happy. That little voice in my head felt almost sated, and I could see the sun peeking through the windows. It felt… good.



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  1. I love the relief and renewal that comes after the release almost as much as the release itself. Glad you got it!


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