Ether Books Published Zipless : Lust In Six Parts !

JBZLISEALast year, I wrote a six part vignette series called Zipless. It was the story of two strangers meeting on a train and having a (near) zipless fuck. 

If you didn’t catch it back then, or if you did and like to own it for yourself, I have some good news. Ether Books, a new mobile social reading platform publishing “made for mobile” quick reads straight to smartphone, have published the newly retitled Zipless : Lust In Six Parts on their platform.

The people at Ether Books are absolutely lovely to work with, and they provide a platform for all kinds of writers, so if you want, get in touch with them about submitting your work, or download their app. You won’t regret it.

Anyway, on to my story. Zipless is, as I said, a straightforward story about two strangers meeting on a train, culminating in a zipless fuck. That’s it. It’s a nice, pocket-sized piece of erotica if you want to read something quick and dirty.





It was the only thing I could feel when I looked at him. Breathless, uninhibited hunger.

His eyes. My god, his eyes. They held my gaze and I could actually feel my panties moisten. I smiled coyly, my cheeks flushing a deep red. Shifting, I clenched my legs together, my hand between my thighs. If I clenched long enough, hard enough… god knows what would happen.

My pussy throbbed. Pulse raced. He could see it on my face. He was smirking. Skinny ginger fucker with a grin that wouldn’t quit. I wanted his cock. And I wanted it yesterday.

So if that tickled your fancy, go and download the Ether app and buy my story! Please? With sugar on top?

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  1. Nice one hon! Congratulations, and long may your success continue 🙂
    Mia xx


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