One of my preferred post-coital activities, other than greedily nomming down a Nutella sandwich, is spooning.

You’ve heard me moaning about how badly I wanted to be spooned last year, and now that I’m in a relationship with a man I love dearly, I can’t get enough of it. We do it every night, much to my joy. Not that we’re such rampant fuckers that we have sex every single night (but our sex drive seems to be increasing as the summer lurks) but we’re people of simple pleasures who like to enjoy spooning and shooting the shit about our day and assorted geeky stuff.

While, of course, being stark naked.

Because, let’s face it, most good things can be highly improved with nudity added to the mix. He tells me that he would often walk around naked if his parents weren’t around, and I’m miffed that we can’t really do that here. Unless of course by some divine miracle the entire household decides to go on holiday somewhere. Then it’s Naked City, population two.

She looks well game. Him, not so much.

She looks well game. Him, not so much.

Ehem. Back to spooning. In an intimate context, it can be one of two things : either an intimate embrace in which one person is backed against another or the spoons sex position, which is basically the same except you’re fucking.

(Quick fact for you. When the smaller person in the couple (which in our case would be me) is being the big spoon, you are “jetpacking”.)

As I’ve said, we spoon every night, but we’ve never tried spoon fucking before. Not that I haven’t been tempted to ask him, but I’m struggling to see how it would work logistically. How would he place himself? How far would I have to spread my legs? And so on and on. I mean, I like the idea of fucking whilst being so close together, but I’m also keen on kissing and looking into his eyes during the sex. I need visual stimulation and that’s exactly what this lacks. Admittedly, the notion of it being a prime G-spot-hitting position appeals to me, but only so much.


I think we’ll just keep it at naked, snuggly spooning for now.

Although I am open to other positions…




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  1. Spoon fucking is one of our more frequent positions. I love it! I’m warm, being cuddled by naked Mister, he brings his hand around and touches me as he screws me and I slip into blissful moans whilst I wriggle back into his body. Full of win.

    LadyP xx
    Thank you for teaching me the marvellous new term ‘jet packing’!

  2. When we are both exhausted, we spoon-fuck. It’s amazing at times, but not as fulfilling as I like most nights (want it a little rougher, which he’ll compromise with pulling my hair). I call it the “lazy man” position, because whenever we’re feeling lazy we’ll do this one – doesn’t take nearly as much movement.
    Also, I like to bend at ninety degree angle to get him in the position that feels best (but we also start in a traditional spooning position).
    He loves the eye contact, so if you like that, you’re certainly not getting it in this one.

  3. Mmmm I love intimacy and spooning is as intimate as it gets. I relate totally to your statement that everything is better with nudity thrown in the mix. I’m always naked at home. If I could I’d go out naked! Although probably not in the winter. And maybe not in the summer either. That still leaves spring and the fall… 😉

  4. I love that drawing. It’s strangely turning me on!!

  5. I fail at spoon-fucking – I have too much arse for it too be entirely successful, and there needs to be leg-lifting and rearranging and before you know it we aren’t relaxed at all (although we are fucking!). Spoon-cuddling, on other other hand … I do adore it 🙂

    xx Dee


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