Spring Sprung Fuckathon

‘Cause it’s the First of May, First of May
Outdoor fuckin’ starts today
So bring your favorite lady
or at least your favorite lay….

Jonathan Coulton – First Of May

You may have noticed something about the weather.

Or something about your calendar.

Or both, because they seem to be interlinked.

But indeed, as Mr Coulton puts it so elegantly, this week marked the first of May. And the outdoor fucking commenced. Now, I don’t know if anyone keeps to this mantra. I hadn’t even heard the song before ILB played it to me yesterday. But after seeing it quoted on my Twitter time line (many, many times), I thought I’d reflect on the change in weather, the change in season, and why summer is so damn awesome, yes, it is.

You may think of sunshine as an assault on the eye. You may associate summer with throngs of tourists, delays on the tube and smelly, rude commuters. But turn around that slightly darker view and you get all the positives.

You can shed off that massive coat!

There’s nature everywhere!

It’s hot!

Late night walks, barbecues, shagging with the sun shining on your face. It’s all adding a positive slant to the coming summer.

Especially for the shagging. Because nothing lends itself better to good weather than sex. Think about it. Seasons have an influence on your sex life, or so I have come to believe. Winter might decrease your libido because it’s cold and you’re perhaps thinking more about hot chocolate and seven warm duvets to wrap yourself in. And summer might increase your libido just because it’s such a free season. As I said before, no massive coats, clothes that allow for the sun to warm your bones and just the smell of nature in the air.

Of course not forgetting the flesh on show, the sweaty atmosphere and the general sexual tension in the air.

Really, am I making this up or is this something that actually happens to you guys as well? Does summer increase your libido somehow? Does the good weather make you hot for it?

And, most of all, will you be taking Jonathan Coulton’s advice and chancing it with a bit of outdoor fucking?

(I bet you are. You cheeky buggers.)

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