Guest Post – Seaside Inspiration by Tilly Hunter

Gather round, kiddins! We’ve got a guest today, in the form of the lovely Tilly Hunter! Now, recently, Smut by the Sea Vol. 2 came out and apart from featuring my story Charmer, it also features one of Tilly’s stories. And Tilly is here today to tell you about how she got inspired to dabble in a touch of seaside smuttiness.

Tilly, if you will?



First of all, I’d like to say a big thank you to Jillian for having me over here today to share my thoughts on coming up with new inspiration for stories.

It’s one of the things you wonder as a newbie writer: how do you keep thinking up new ideas for stories once you’ve been doing it for a few years. But once you start thinking like a writer, inspiration is everywhere. Once I start thinking about the seaside, I can’t stop thinking of the erotic possibilities.

You’ve got tides and storms that could leave people stranded on islands. Oh, how are these poor people going to pass the time until they can escape or be rescued? You’ve got the possibility of shenanigans in the sea itself, on the beach, in hidden coves, boats, beach huts, amusement arcades, under the pier… Ah yes, the pier. All those iron posts and bars, lots of places to tie up a boat… or a lover.

I love lighthouses. I once stayed in a cottage next to a lighthouse in south-west Scotland. It has this fabulous conservatory on the clifftop with views right across to the coast of Northern Ireland. And as dusk fell, you could see all the lighthouses start twinkling away across the Irish Sea. But right now my writer’s mind is thinking of just how phallic lighthouses are. And what about all those ornamental ones you can buy in seaside gift shops for your mantelpiece? Surely you wouldn’t use an ornamental lighthouse for anything of a sexual nature. Surely…

Have you ever lain down on a sheltered, grassy seaside bank full of sea pinks and buzzing bees? The sun warming your face but a light breeze stopping it getting too hot. What would that sun and breeze feel like on your naked body? Oh, hang on a minute, if you have ever lain on the sort of grassy bank I’m thinking of, you’ll know that type of seaside grass is damn prickly. Wouldn’t it just be maddeningly so on your bare back and butt? Until a lover’s weight ground your skin harder against it?

Oh well, that’s me off on one. If you want to see how me and fourteen other writers took that seaside theme and got carried away with it, grab a copy of Smut by the Sea vol 2 at All Romance, Amazon UK or


Tilly Hunter is a British author and proofreader with a wicked imagination and a fondness for tales of fresh air and kinky fun. She has stories in anthologies from House of Erotica, Xcite Books and MLR Press and her first solo collection Miranda’s Tempest: Three Classic Tales with a Kinky Twist is out now from House of Erotica. She blogs at

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  1. Thanks for having me Jilly x


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