Unhealthy Habits Die Hardest

It was Sunday afternoon and as we stepped onto the pavement outside Camden Town tube station, I immediately became aware of two things.

One: Everyone in Camden operates in an entirely different head space than the people in the rest of London.


Now, I have to shamefully confess that (apart from a brief pass-by for some administrative mumbo-jumbo back in December) I had never been to Camden before. I was not prepared for this. At all.

But, undeterred by my gasps and shrieks of wonder, ILB lead me to a lovely vegan café looking out over Camden Lock. We were there to celebrate a birthday, and although I didn’t really know the person we were celebrating, I was curious about vegan food. I have a few health fanatics on my timeline on the Twitter and for weeks, I couldn’t really figure out whether kale crisps were a good thing or an abomination on to the Lord.

As we ordered our healthy food, I pondered what exactly was in a spanakopita. Was I basically condemning myself to eat something that would taste like soil?

Turns out, not at all. The spanakopita was actually quite nice. So was the hazelnut cake I ate afterwards. And the free samples of raw granola and (yes, indeedy) kale crisps.

I went away thinking that I could do this. I could eat healthy and I could live healthy and I’d have more stamina to do the things I like. Like sex. And sex.

The rest of our time spent in Camden was in parts amazing and overwhelming. He took me to a comic book shop, which I loved. Then we went around Camden Market and I discovered that nobody gives a toss about smoking weed in the open.

After a brief foray into CyberDog (ohmygod), I politely requested to go home because the fumes did more bad than good. Still, it made the crepe I had taste extra nice.

On the way home I swayed. And eventually, I ended up eating a huge bowl of pasta and cheese sauce. Because unhealthy habits die hardest, I guess. Still, I reckon I can be swayed for another visit to that café.

What can I say? Kale crisps are really nice…


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  1. It’s a small world indeed! I’ve been eyeing the kale craze with dubious feelings. Over here it’s the kale smoothie that’s sweeping the health nuts. Er, enthusiasts. Sir insists that kale on the grill is pure genius, but I just can’t imagine. Kale crisps, you say? Hmmm…

  2. lol… I totally agree with you. Vegan cafes make you think that you can do the almost unthinkable. It reminds me of when I bought Chloe’s Kitchen and tried to veganize my family, much to their dismay. Quite recently I might add. See here, http://poemswithheart.blogspot.com/2013/05/chloes-kitchen-sigh-sigh-me-oh-my.html …but digress 😉 My son and I went last Saturday to a place called Prana Namaste Cafe in Bloomsburg. Yum. I wanted to take their chef home and force him to cook for me.

  3. I don’t know why I have never been to Camden before. I really think I would fit in and it would be my time of place.

  4. Since turning veggie, my sex life has improved in leaps and bounds. However, I think that’s more to do with fortuitous timing (divorce, meeting S who actually wants sex) than my diet!

    As a side note, some of my best meals out have been vegan, but I couldn’t live without fish and seafood. And as a reluctant vegetarian, I do miss beef. And chorizo. And please never mention the ultra-crispy bacon…


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