On Nude Beaches and Old Memories

When I was growing up, in that halcyon era we call “the nineties”, there was a growing fascination with sex and nudity and all the relevant subjects. In my  memory, this was mainly played out on TV, in documentaries and series that dealt with the spectrum of sexuality in some way or another. Needless to say, I was incredibly fascinated. Maybe even too early in life,  but the fascination was there (still is).

The thing that possibly fascinated me the most was the existence of the nude beach in Bredene. It’s the only nude beach in Belgium, and for some reason, I kept hearing about it. Might be one of those things that was covered in the documentaries I mentioned.

Anyway. A couple of years ago, I actually found myself in Bredene, on a class outing. Of course, there was much healthy sniggering about “can we not possibly go to the nudey beach, please”, because we were 13 and we were idiots.

And of course, we knew exactly where it was. Every time we passed it on the tram, there would be even more healthy sniggering.

Now I’m older, (sort of) wiser, more (or less) mature… but I still can’t help being fascinated by the concept of a nude beach. Just people walking around there, in all shapes and sizes, but nude. Bits out and about.

I know, it’s not a hard concept to grasp, but you have to admit that it’s fascinating. Who are the people who are so comfortable with their own bodies that they see no issue in walking around naked on a beach filled with other naked people?

I admire that, you know.

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  1. I remember that I keep on hearing nude beaches too when I was growing up and kept answering how one can become a nude beach and if there was one here in the Philippines considering there are a lot of beaches. The concept of self awareness and confidence of being naked only came to me only in my teens with regards to nude beaches. Actually, until now, I find it difficult to have myself wear bikini on a beach.

  2. Here in the United States, most of the nude beaches are covered with people of a much older generation (70 and up). You’ll get an occasional surfer who won’t necessarily be nude (unless they’re changing) but just want the less crowded area.
    I’ve not seen younger people (unless we count the odd surfer) at nude beaches. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t as comfortable yet in their skin, or not mature enough, or just not wanting to be around the generational gap that is already there.

  3. I liked our nude beach experience. Most of the people were older, I’d say 50s and up. It was fun, felt good, and I felt brave for having done it. I just wish it weren’t a 3+ hour drive away.

  4. I have swam nude and sunbathed nude and they were not nude beaches just secluded and I took my chance. It is the one of those, you really should swim nude, at least once in your lifetime experience if you ask me.

    There are quite a lot of naturist sites/groups in the UK. At Heathrow there is a naturist spa that we often go to in the summer. Laying around in the sun, swimming in the pool, naked, with other naked people is very liberating and levelling. You soon forget that everyone is naked. I was surprised the first time I went there how very quickly it just felt completely natural. Oh and there are people there of ALL shapes, sizes, ages and gender.

    Personally I think there should be LOTS more nudity in this world and a lots less clothes and covering up. When ever I have been to a place like this everyone is always so relaxed, happy and friendly.


  5. I’ve been on a couple of nude beaches in the past in England. There is no feeling like being completely naked outside. With the sun beaming down on your nude body, then a gentle breeze caresses you. It’s incredible.

  6. There is a small enclave of the beach in Blackpool which is populated by nudists. It’s not a separate beach per se… just behind a particularly large sand dune, so concealed by sand from the eyes of the town and on other parts of the beach. I’ve seen it.

    According to the people (well, person) I know who live(s) in Blackpool, the nudists are there pretty much on a year-round basis… which makes me admire the nudists of Blackpool as hardier folk than I’d originally thought – as I’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s willing to sit next to the Irish Sea without any clothes on in the winter months.


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