Stealing Wackadoo

Every once in a while, I like to get meme with it. And today is such a day. I’m playing Sunday Stealing, mainly as a means to cool down from the rather unusual* (FECKING HAWT) weather we’ve been having in Englandland.

So, how do and here go.


1.] What age is your youngest aunt?

I realize I’m about to sound like a big twat, but I have so many aunts that I don’t even know who the youngest is! Seriously, my mother has six siblings, all married. I don’t even know.
2.] Do you miss someone right now?

I miss my fierce and fabulous friend B. Every day.

3.] What can you see North West to you?

A bit of wall and some coats. It’s not exactly a view of Sidney Opera House, is it? (Nor the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon. Or hordes of wilderbeasts sweeping majestically across the plains.)

4.] Do you like bowling?

Eh… I’m a bit nonplussed about it. It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon, but… you know… so is masturbating furiously. Or sex.

5.] Can you pronounce Italian words?

I kid you not, I actually can.

6.] Do you prefer black or beige coloured jackets?

I’ve got a preference for coats, actually. But a nice beige faux-leather coat is good too.

7.] Do you own a hoodie?

I don’t even own pajamas.

8.] Do you like roasting marshmallows on a bonfire?

Never done it, so I can’t really say. I do like marshmallows, if that helps?

9.] Do you like cheesy puffs?

Wha… that thing that Cartman’s so fond of eating in South Park?

10.] What’s your name without vowels?


11.] How many layers of clothing are you wearing?

Two, but that includes underthings.

12.] When was the last time you got a take away? What did you have?

Earlier in the week. I had a chicken shish and my other half chips and cheese.

13.] If you could climb any mountain or range which would you choose?

Absolutely none of them.

14.] Do you alphabetically arrange anything in your room? What?

Nothing. I used to chronologically arrange my DVDs though.

15.] Have you ever visited fat-pie [dot] [com]?

I don’t even know what that is. I’ve eaten pies though.

16.] Do you prefer sweet or sour fruits?

Sweet. I don’t like eating things that make my face contort.

17.] Do you like Flo Rida? Which song of his?

I really, really don’t like him. Or any of his songs* (*noises)

18.] How are your dancing skills?

I used to do ballet and jazz dance. I still occasionally bust a move. So, while I may have less skills than in my formative years, I still can dance.

19.] What is your favorite number?


20.] Describe your best friend to me?

He’s basically the gay male Karen Walker. Which I love about him.

21.] What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

I don’t drink alcohol.

22.] Do you do any sports or have you done any sport professionally?


23.] What is your ringtone?

A very jaunty medieval jig.

24.] Do you like chilli flavoured chips/crisps?

Some types, yes. Others just want to watch my mouth burn.

25.] Do you curl or straighten your hair?


26.] What’s the nicest smell of shampoo?

Lush’s Snow Fairy, whenever my other half uses it.

27.] What smell turns you on? How about turns you off?

I don’t easily get turned on by scent, but the scent of his body turns me on madly.

The scent that turns me off? Any tunnel that smells like piss.

28.] Who’s your favorite comedian?

Dara O’Briain, definitely.

29.] RnB or Reggae?

If presssed, I’d go for the former.

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  1. I thought Cartman too with the poofs.


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