The Pleasure Principle

In a sense, aren’t we all looking for pleasure and trying to avoid pain?

No, this isn’t one of my attempts to write something deep and profound. Those posts usually end up sounding like shite anyway. But you have to admit, it’s a nice (if general) observation.

Wearing nothing but my jeans and knickers, I sat down on the bed next to his naked form. I wanted to please him, taste his cock and feel it harden under my touch.

He’s often said that he’s more keen on pleasing me. And I respect that, and tell him to give me a sign when he wants me to stop,  but just for a while, as long as he could bear it, I wanted to revel in the act of fellating my beloved.

Such a formal way of saying it, but I’m just in a poetic mood.

I took my time. I stroked and let my tongue circle around his pretty head, feeling him throb. I kissed his thighs. I kissed his balls. And I revelled in the scent of him, that musk and flesh and man between his legs.

He didn’t stop me. He let me pleasure him, he let me taste and touch until he looked so far off this planet that he was nearly floating. He couldn’t really speak. In the end, he did feel buzzy and wired and asked if I could touch him all over as he brought himself to orgasm. And I obliged with a huge grin on my face, as I straddled him, making sure that he could feel just how wet this act of pleasure had made me.

I asked him if he wanted to lick me out, and he in turn drove me so insane with his tongue that I nearly lifted off the bed. I wanted his cock, badly. I wanted him to fuck me in every position possible

But because you can’t always get what you want, the “every position possible” thing kinda went tits up. It involved giggling and limbs akimbo, lets just say that.

After he came to the conclusion that he had basically giggled his erection away, we lay on the bed and talked about things we wanted to try, like anal play. And amazingly, I didn’t freak out while talking about it. He was incredibly respectful and understanding, and I love him even more for that.

So… there might be some bum-fun on this blog in the future. Amongst other things….



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  1. sounds like a very enjoyable and fun time


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