Articulate Hardness

(Oh, my poor, neglected blog!)

As regular readers of this blog (if there are any left) know, I often wonder about the weirdest, most random things.

Like earlier, when I was taking out the garbage. My thoughts went from “Coffee. Coffee would be nice.” to “I wonder how many other words for erection I can come up with.”

It was a very silly thought. I mean, I have better things to do than to sit around thinking about other words for erection. But I kept thinking about it. And kept on thinking about erections until my curiosity grabbed me by the scruff of my neck.

And because I just love procrastinating till I’m blue in the fucking face, I took to the internet for a little research.

The online thesaurus played it coy and assumed I was searching for synonyms for assembly (of which erection is itself a synonym). Still, I found it fitting that it listed both fitting together and connecting as options, because it’s what you essentially do whilst wielding your erection.

So, that aside, my old friend Wikipedia provided me with an entire article explaining what an erection is. I clicked through to the Wiktionary and discovered to my amusement that New Erection is the name of an unincorporated community in Rockingham County, Virginia, and that New Erections is the title of an album by a noise-rock band called The Locusts.

Juvenile giggling out of the way…

I eventually left it at that, mainly because I kept finding the same things. Stiffy, hard-on, boner, that sort of thing. Although I am left wondering who first came up with these words. Specifically, hard-on. I remember reading it in some fanfic, many years ago and thought the author had made a mistake and had meant to write “hard one”.

But no, it is definitely hard-on.

It’s a curious expression that. Maybe chalk it down to English not being my first language?

(Incidentally, if you’ve been missing me and my ramblings, there’s extra goodness today, as I’m also a guest over on Betty Herbert’s blog, talking about thin walls and loud sex. Check it out, I say.)


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  1. I, for one, like your random posts! By the by, have you ever repeated ‘New Directions’ over and over out loud?

    LP xo

  2. Barrister

     /  August 6, 2013

    You mind works like mine does. It wonders about strange things that pop into my head and then I ruminate on them and research them, all just for the fun of it. You didn’t list all of the synonymns for “erection” that you found, so I’ll add one just in case – “woody” or “wood”, as in “waking up with wood.” One I learned in the army was “throbbing blue newrealtny” (unsure of the spelling of that last word.

    Anyway, thanks for this posting.

    Barrister – aka BL

  3. This made me giggle and wonder. And I think I’ve got a future TMI Tuesday question, too.

  4. @ladypandorah: Your comment was funny.

  5. @Hedone *curtseys*


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