Superhero TMI Tuesday

This week, TMI Tuesday is all about superheroes. I can get down with that.

1. When you were a child / teenager who was your favourite superhero and why?

Gosh…. that’s a toss-up between Batman and Rogue from the X-Men comics.

2. Which super villain is most like you and why?

Maybe Mystique? She’s a shapeshifter, which I envy because sometimes I’d like to be able to change into something or someone else. Rubbish answer, I know. 3. If you had a super power what would it be and would you use it for good or evil.

I’ve got a couple that I’d like, but for this occasion, I’ll go with pyrokinesis. For good, obviously… But I’d be suitably bad-ass using it.

4. Do you own a superhero costume? When and where was the last time and place that you wore it?

Not yet….

5. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a super hero / villain. Tell us about it.

Have to disappoint you on that one, I’m afraid.

6. Who do you think is the coolest super hero and why?

Black Widow. Because she will kick your ass and you will let her because she is just THAT FUCKING AWESOME.

Bonus:  You have been granted the wish of having a threesome with one super hero and one super villain. Which ones do you choose and why?

Oh my… I think I would pick Oliver Queen/Green Arrow as my hero and Harley Quinn as my villain. And even then I’m not sure…

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  1. Have to love Black Widow!

  2. Black Widow, Mystique AND Rogue? That puts you a few points higher on my awesome list. BTW my threesome would probably involve Huntress and Cheshire – wouldn’t survive it, but oh what a way to go…

  3. You seem to know a thing or two about superheroes, cool! Shapeshifting would be an awesome superpower.


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