The Crazy Cat Lady Experience

In which I talk about how cats are plotting to ruin my sex life. Somehow. I don’t know.

Before we started dating, I’d basically resigned myself to an inevitable future as a crazy cat lady. It was a thing Bee and I used to discuss. We were both of the opinion that no-one would ever want to date either of us, so we were mentally planning to buy a bunch of cats each and live the rest of our lives descending into cat-related madness.

I’m in a relationship now. But I still love cats.

It’s possibly because cats are endlessly fascinating. I’m of the opinion that dogs are way easier to deduce than cats. If you look at a cat, you can never tell if it’s thinking about food or world domination.

Or, more likely, a combination of the two.

We’re both cat people. Which is good. And we’re both house-sitting in a house which comes with two rather curious specimens of cat-kind. One is prone to disappearing and one is prone to… well, just showing up wherever you are. Both of them like to scare you. Or even stare you out.

I mention the stare out thing because it’s made it a bit harder for us to have any sort of sexual liaison (well that, and my period suddenly appearing like that wild Pokemon you don’t want to encounter on the way to the Elite Four).

I know. It’s flipping silly to feel watched by a cat. I mean, it’s just a cat, right? Apart from a bite or a scratch, it can’t actually do much harm.

But still. Still. Still, I can’t help feeling a bit intruded upon by the cats. They’ve temporarily replaced the pigeons in the “animals who know most about our sex life” stakes (which I joked about at Eroticon, during Kristina Lloyd’s session). Ah well. I’m sure they won’t complain if we pet, feed and dote on them.

Still. I’d quite like to have a decent shag (or six) soon. God knows, it’s been too long.


(Ps : This marketh my 1000th post on this blog. Yay, huzzah and all that. Thank you to all the people who’ve read and keep reading this blog. It is truly appreciated and you are absolutely adored. Stick with me, I say.)

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  1. See, and that’s why I always stack up on Max Repel before making my way to the Elite Four. Effing annoying, that is!

    And trust me, when it comes to your sex life, cats aren’t nearly as intrusive as dogs. We may or may not have had to stop mid-session because a certain Golden Retriever was trying to sniff my husband’s naked butt. Which was wildly sexy, as you can imagine.

    Congrats on posting your 1000th!

    • I tip my hat off to your strategy, darling. I tend to run out of Max Repel pretty fast in those caves though….

      *shakes fist at Rhye and Sam’s Golden Retriever* Damn you!

      Thank you. Truly honoured.

  2. Depends how far away you are from the Elite Four. If you still have to go through Victory Road, then there’s not actually much you can do to avoid battles (even with Max Repel), as there are a multitude of Trainers there too. If you’re after Victory Road, there may be wild Pokémon waiting in certain areas (in RBGY there’s a stretch of water you can Surf over), but they’re incredibly rare.

    That’s not as much of a problem as you may think. There’s always a Pokémon Centre before the Elite Four battles start, and if you need to level up your Pokémon you can always equip a Rod and go fishing in the surrounding areas for wild ‘mon to fight. I have memories of levelling up, for example, my trusty Victreebel by battling off wild Kingler after Kingler after Kingler…

    • Yes, but you’ve played Pokemon more times than I had hot dinners in my life! Besides, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually played any Pokemon game through to the Elite Four. Forgive me if my memory is a bit hazy.

      But yes, it is a good area for level up needs. I’m just not a fan of the entire Victory Road experience.


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