Black Sofas And Bad Deeds

In which a house confuses me, and a harmless black sofa gets more than it bargained for*.

*lots and lots of jizz

“Can we watch some porn?”

I don’t know why I asked it. Actually I do, because I was fucking horny and in dire need of some release.

We were in the back room of the house we’re currently minding. Apparently this is now a thing we do, and we do it quite well if I say so myself. This particular house is a delight, as it’s absolutely massive. Not mansion-massive (although if Jay Z ever needs a house minder….) but it’s… well, big. I’ve got confused about which room I’m actually in several times.

Anyway. Porn.

He’d just come out of the shower, and was still naked. There is much to be said for the sex appeal of a hot man who’s just come out of the shower and is still dripping. It, in turn, does wonders for making my pussy drip.

After some mucking about on The Worst Drug (which is indeed quite addictive), I said “But can we watch some actual porn that’s not lots and lots of GIFs right now?”

So, he obliged.

At some point, in between Laura Angel seducing a diamond salesman (who looked like he’d stolen Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who wardrobe) and Alison Angel masturbating in lots of places, I spied him jerking himself off.

So, I joined in. I stripped off until I was clad in a bra and nothing else, and together, we lay on that black sofa and shared orgasms.

My pussy felt amazingly slick. It was one of those moments where I felt completely in control of my body, letting it dance to my desires. With one finger frigging my clit and another stroking my perineum, I came faster than I’d ever had before. And I came again and again until my legs couldn’t manage and my body was covered in sweat and come and bliss.

I watched him as he came, coating his belly with thick spurts of hot come. It was nearly enough to bring me over the edge again.

We went to bed afterwards, bathing in sweat and post-orgasmic bliss.

So, don’t you ever tell me that there aren’t any women out there who like porn. Everyone has different tastes, but we do like it. And we watch it. And we get off to it.

A chacun son goût.

Each to their own taste.

(PS: we would like to apologise to the black sofa. Well, we would, but it’s a sofa so fuck it.)

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  1. Lovely post – I really liked the flow of it. And the porn. And the fapping.

    xx Dee


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