Marathon Man

There was a lot of porn. That’s probably how it began – with me going, “Ey, you know what would be awesome? Watching a lot of porn.”

He’s got porn. He’s got all the porn.

He got out his stash of Magic Disks (the disks with all the porn on it) and asked me to pick a number. Which number I picked really doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that it took a while for any of it to cause any arousal.

Strangely, what tipped it over for me was a gang-bang scene with Laura Angel and a German bloke named Rocco. And a bunch of other girls, but mainly Laura Angel.

God, what a woman.

I shifted hither and tither, feeling the friction in my jeans. I knew I was wet – I’d be fucking surprised if I wasn’t. I wanted to touch myself. I wanted him to touch me. I wanted… well, lots of things, really.

So I undressed. Right down to my lovely purple bra and no knickers – frankly, they were getting in the way of my orgasm, so off they went.

Off with the porn, off with the panties and on with the sex.

And crikey, there was a lot of that. There was round one, where he spread me open and slid into me while standing at the edge of the bed. There was round two, where he shifted and we ended up at the foot of the bed, mercifully not in danger of banging our heads against the headboard (it happened early on in our relationship. And it was not very nice. At all.)

Rounds three, four and possibly up to infinity all blurred into one heavenly dose of energetic fucking and orgasms, with a bit of me on top and a lot of “I can’t feel my bloody legs!”

By the time I actually got on top of him (and I’m very pleased to point out that this, for once, didn’t end in my legs completely seizing up – HURRAH!) my brain was swimming and my body was drifting and the look on his face as I rode him was one of the most brilliant sex faces that’s ever been made. Or at least it was in my humble opinion.

At the end, after a solid amount of solo orgasms as the cherry on the cake, we had a discussion about films, which to me is just about the best afterplay in the world. Also, very us.

Of course, this could only end in one way – both of us waking up a few hours later, utterly dehydrated because apparently hydration is the one thing you forget in a fit of passion.

Still. That was a lot of amazing sex. And that man of mine… god, he never fails to surprise me with his stamina.

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  1. *Stands up, claps*

    Very good going, the pair of you!

    LadyP xo

  2. Disks of wonder. Not magic disks. :p

  1. Peace Out | Lady Laid Bare

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