Kristina Wright Brings Bedded Bliss

The cover for Kristina Wright's new book Bedded Bliss.

The brilliant Kristina Wright, author, editor and coffee fiend has released a brand new book: Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After. In the book, Kristina combines tried-and-true advice linked with genuine romantic stories that are designed to inspire and entice long-term monogamous couples. With two toddlers and a red-hot marriage, plus a heap of erotic stories written and edited (she’s the editor of the Best Erotic Romance series), you can bet that Kristina knows what she’s talking about.

In this excerpt, taken from the introduction, Kristina tells the story of how she met her husband Jay. I picked out this excerpt because it’s a brilliant introduction to the rest of this book – and to the amazing thing that Kristina and Jay still share.

I look back now and I can’t believe I took the leap. We were
young and crazy and we hardly knew each other. But he was
the one. Still is.
—Kristina Wright, married twenty-three years

We were meant to be together. I knew it before she did.
—James Wright, Kristina’s husband

We met in the airport. The first thing I ever said to the man
who would become my husband was, “Please tell me your name is Jay.”

At the time, I was dating his roommate and Jay was doing him a favor and collecting me from the airport since my then-boyfriend had to work. We had spoken on the phone and I had seen
one picture of him—beyond that, I didn’t know him at all. He will tell you he saw a picture of me and knew we would end up together.

In fact, the story goes that he told his roommate, “I’m going to take her away from you.” It didn’t quite go down like that, but we did end up together despite my doubts about another long-distance relationship. Jay was more of a romantic than me—at least at the beginning. I caught up fast.

No one thought it would last—except us. And the naysayers no longer have anything to say as we have weathered over two decades of marriage, several military moves, close to a dozen deployments and made a home wherever we were, first with a menagerie of pets and then adding two babies to the mix in our forties.

Life is crazy, hectic, chaotic. He is at the tail end of his naval career and contemplating life post-retirement, I have a thriving writing and editing career that I cobble together with part-time childcare and late-night, caffeine-induced writing sessions. The kids are growing like weeds, the house is in constant need of some kind of repair and there is always a holiday or birthday or trip around the corner. In other words: it’s just life.

Not busier—or better—than yours. We pass in the kitchen and grope each other knowing there’s nothing we can do about it for another five hours; we send furtive text messages during nap times, “Are they still asleep? Do we have time?” We do what we have to do to fuel the
flames of that raging fire we still feel for each other. And so do you.

We are still going strong, and I think it’s a hell of an accomplishment for a couple of love-and-lust-struck twenty-somethings who hardly knew each other when they got together. We are lucky—but it’s not just luck that got us (and keeps us) here. It’s dedication and imagination; it’s
creative use of our free time (and technology).

Most of all, it’s love— passionate, ongoing, never-fading love. It’s an amazing thing we share, and I never take it for granted. And yet, we are invisible in a culture obsessed with sexual scandals, casual hookups, betrayal, infidelity, divorce and mid-life crises.

Where are the other couples like us—the couples who fell in love, tumbled head-first into bed and are still there, tangled amongst the sheets, laughing, living and loving, for better or worse, every single day of their lives? Turns out, there are a lot of couples like us. We are here, we are still in love and lust, and we are happy to share our stories, knowledge and advice with others.

Sexy, lusty love is a lifelong pursuit for those of us who know the once-in-a-lifetime flash
of lightning of young love doesn’t die or fade—it grows stronger and becomes the kind of everyday magic on which to build a life together.

It’s fairly easy to fall in love (or lust), but keeping that passion hot and heavy after twenty years of marriage can get tricky. Kristina Wright has two toddlers and a red-hot marriage, and there’s no one better suited to helping other couples make lust last. Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After pairs hands-on advice for long-term lovers with steamy tales to inspire couples to enact their own erotic adventures. Each chapter begins with “sensual suggestions” for keeping in touch—literally! Read real advice and stories from couples, who have a combined total of a whopping 235 years of long-term relationship experience, and find out what works for them to keep their fires burning steady and hot.  Romance writer and editor Wright re-invents the sexuality genre, presenting a guide that simultaneously educates and entertains. Bedded Bliss is a treasure trove of resources for couples to ensure that monogamy will never again mean monotony.

Kristina Wright ( is an award-winning author whose erotic romance fiction has appeared in over seventy-five anthologies. She is also the editor of several Cleis Press anthologies of romance, including Best Erotic Romance 2013 and Duty and Desire: Military Erotic Romance. Kristina teaches both English and Humanities at the college level. She lives with her family in Chesapeake, VA.

Buy Bedded Bliss from Amazon UK.

Buy Bedded Bliss from Amazon US.

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