I’d been tidying the room for most of the morning. I mean, properly tidying it. It required several massive trash bags and a scented candle to… well, make the room not smell like dust and old washing.

After two hours of cleaning, dusting and occasionally busting moves to the Lady Gaga playlist I’d put on to spur me on, I took a little break…

And then promptly fell asleep.

Only it didn’t register that I’d gone under. The dream I had was very… real.

For starters, it was set exactly where I was lying; in the bed, with the noises of the school nearby and the traffic down the road floating in. The outside view had changed though. There was a scaffolding near the window, with builders going about their business.

Their business being sex.

I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but kept watching. The people outside turned out not to be builders – I think I remember something about a rooftop orgy taking place just out of sight. But in my sight were two people: a girl, who was bending over and exposing her entire arse to my gaze. And a man, fingering her wet pussy lustily.

I watched for a while, simultaneously aroused and confused about why I was watching this scene unfold. I mean, it was basically outside our bedroom window – not exactly a covert place to have an orgy, really.

Yeah, I’d forgotten that it was a dream.

When I woke up, I was still aroused. Which took away from the confusion – just turns out I’m having a major horn today.

Go figure.

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