Midnight Feast

“Happy birthday, Lady!”

It was a little after midnight when we finally made it upstairs – the early hours of my 23rd birthday. I sat on the bed and unwrapped my lovely presents, which included a scandalous amount of chocolate and a lot of glowing love.

I was already pretty pleased. And that was before I got to unwrap my last present…

Giggling, we stood in front of each other, with me peeling away his layers of clothing. Jumper made way for shirt, made way for warm and fuzzy chest. Trousers made way for boxers and made way for a shapely bum and a jutting, erect cock.

I practically ripped my own clothes off, diving in next to him on the bed. Well, after I’d had my fill of warm, naked cuddles.

He set about giving my body the once-over with his tongue and his lips. There was some joking, some faffing, but all of that (well, most of that) quickly went out the window as he set about exploring my pussy and its surroundings.

It felt great. It nearly always does, apart from the times when there’s something off – facial hair tickling or my clit deciding it’s suddenly too sensitive, or something like that. To be honest, there are only so many ways you can say “the sex was great” without actually making up words to describe just how great the sex was.

So yeah, the sex was fabulicious, his cock felt amazesome and in the end, we shared a couple of flimflanflandangistic orgasms.


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  1. Happy fliptasmagorical birthday!

    Sounds wonderful, lovely Lady! As you deserve.

    LP xoxo


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