Poetry – Wanderlust


I paint a picture on your back

it’s a map of the world

all the places we have seen and all the places we will go.

Trace the curve of your spine

down Route 66

to a diner in a desert

where we’re strangers to the world outside the door.

Making love under the stars,

near the small of your back,

in a red pick-up truck

leading to the world we’ve never known.

Let the sun set and rise,

near the nape of your neck,

let’s drive for miles and lose the time

and find our own way.

Let me hang on to the strength

of the promise on your shoulders

and the thought of sleeping with a suitcase

ready underneath the bed.

Take my hand

you have my heart

and my soul and my body

take me far away

and seal our world on the inside of a kiss.

Tell no soul,

but yourself,

tell my heart where we’re headed

run away with me and drive along the highways of desire.

In a red pick-up truck,

with just a suitcase and our love.


© Jillian Boyd, 2013

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  1. That is beautiful. And fun. Oh and inspiring. I want to go pack a suitcase and/or grab a pen to trace continents on a lover’s back.

  2. This is evocative and simply wonderful. Lovely.

    xx Dee


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