Peace Out

It’s not very rock and roll to admit that you’re basically spending the last day of the year curled up on the sofa, petering about on the interwebs and watching a Great British Bake Off marathon.

But that, my friend, is exactly what I’m doing. And it is exactly what I want to be doing.

Christmas was brilliantly awesome, brilliantly batshit and absolutely tiring as buggery. So, as you would expect, sex wasn’t really a thing that happened. Except for that time it did.

I’ve had time to reflect though. So, here are some moments that I rather liked in the past year.

In the spirit of being all cheesy and looking-forward-y, Christmas also gave me just about the best gift ever, in the form of love and support from his family. And life continues to keep giving me the gift of a man who I utterly adore, and a mother who manages to always be extra supportive, even though she’s miles away.

So, with the raindrops dripping, counting down the seconds and hours until a fresh year comes in and says hello, I think I can conclude as such:

2013 might not have been the best year of my life, but it had brilliant moments, from which I learned, which I treasure and which I shall take with me into this new year.

So, watch out, 2014. The game is on again.

Happy New Year, and lots of love. May you get everything you want, do things that surprise even you and continue to be awesome in 2014. Let’s make some waves, bro!

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