A short conversation about sounds

INT: Night: ILB/LLB bedroom, bed.

LLB : *splosh*

ILB: ?

LLB: Don’t mind me. I was just wondering something.

ILB: What were you wondering?

LLB: … does it actually make a sound when you ejaculate? I mean, I know your mouth makes a sound when you come, and I know the actual deed of jerking yourself off does…

ILB: Ehm… I don’t know, really.

LLB: It’s funny, that. You’d think there would be a splosh of some sort. I mean, there’s that squelchy noise when you’re wet and you’re frigging your clit, but… yeah.

[short silence]

ILB: I suppose it would be a bit like a hiss.

LLB: Yeah. Probably.



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  1. I always imagined it as more a ‘pfft’. But not in a… fart-like… fashion. Faster. Stop talking, Rory. Stop talking *now*.


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