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Guest Posts

The Perpetual Single Ugly One (on EdenCafé)

The Pink and Blue Divide (for Kitty Stryker’s Purrversatility)

Oxygen (for Fleshbot)

Sunday (also on Fleshbot)

Strength in Numbers- My 55-Year Old Father in the Geriatric Ward (on Good Men Project)

A Sex-Positive Virgin Sex Blogger (for Life on the Swingset)

Join The Sexual Evolution (for The Ladygarden Project)

Aunty Flo Comes A’Knocking (for Vagina Antics)

Meet Jilly Boyd ~ My Felt Tips Profile Interview (for Author Jenny Lyn)

The Delicate Art of Mutual Masturbation (for Fleshbot)


On Singles Warehouse XXX

I, Virgin ~ On Being Sexual Without Having Sex

The First Steps Into Kink

Erotica ~ Come Together

Jilly’s Five Favorite Sexy Films

The Language of Sex

Do Not Try This At Home- Sex Tips Debunked

Masturbation As A Mindful Practice


Erotica ~ The Projectionist



Queer Porn Tube (as Shutterbug)

I Spit Glitter (main Tumblr)

Filthy/Gorgeous/Love (my positivity and good things Tumblr)


Mentioned in….

Women Writing About Sex Without Shame (Helen Croydon on Eroticon 2012 for The Guardian)

The Only Thing Better than Sex is Talking About Sex (Helen Croydon for Metro)


Fiction featured in or on….

Doing The Naughty List, Twice (Naughty Nights Press, 2011, with “Stockings and Santa)

Postcards of Passion (Naughty Nights Press, 2012, with “Lindi Hop”)

The Boys Club (Naughty Nights Press, 2012, with “Heat of the Desert)

Oysters and Chocolate dot com (with “The Fucking Oasis”)

Gay Erotica Vol.10 : Four Hot New Tales of Desire (Constable and Robinson, 2012, with Work It Out)


On Cliterati

A Dirty Kind of Grace

A Dirty Kind Of Grace Part One


Other stories

Aussie Girl

Pound A Punnet 

Boss Man

Zipless Part Un

Zipless Part Deux


On Dork Adore

Anna Karenina – Dork Film Review

Strictly Come Dancing Review ~ Week One Highlights

Strictly Come Dancing Review – Week Two Vs. Hollywood Week

Windows 8 Review

Five Of The Biggest Must See Films This Winter


Listen to my poetry…

The Freckles on Your Nose (read by Plumptious Pea)

In The Mirror, I am a Cunt (read by Plumptious Pea)

Conclusion (read by Plumptious Pea)

You Kill Me (read by Plumptious Pea)

Night Swimming (read by Plumptious Pea)

The One-Hundred Year Old Tree (read by Plumptious Pea)

Sinner/Rain (read by Plumptious Pea)

Let The Pulse Quicken (read by Plumptious Pea)

This Fire (read by Plumptious Pea)

Don’t Go Home (read by Plumptious Pea)

Smoke (read by Plumptious Pea)

Dirty (read by Plumptious Pea)

A Stirring (read by Plumptious Pea)

Zipless Part One ~ Hunger

Zipless Part Two ~ Breath

Zipless Part Three ~ Spark

Zipless Part Four ~ Pulse

Zipless Part Five ~ Slick

Zipless Part Six ~ Cigarette

Let Me Be

Our Moment In The Sun

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  1. Mark

     /  March 19, 2012

    Neat blog Jilly.
    Mark, Baltimore

  1. Locker Rooms and Australia And Sexy Things Oh My! | Lady Laid Bare

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