Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sex

Well, it’s a post that says exactly what it does on the tin, I think. I love sex for many, many reasons. But I have chosen my top ten reasons and am sharing them with you. See, it says so on the tin.

Note ~ Oral sex is not on there because it warrants a love list on its own. Fact.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Sex


  1. The fact that I get to have sex with the most wonderful man in the world.
  2. The intimacy between us.
  3. The silliness that makes light of the situation.
  4. The fact that it has the amazing power to connect two lovers.
  5. Loverboy’s face at the brink of ecstasy.
  6. It relaxes us.
  7. It makes us forget the world around us for a moment.
  9. Post-coital sandwich.
  10. The afterglow and cuddles.



The Art of Seduction

“I don’t know how to initiate sex.”

I say this on a Monday evening, when we’re both lounging naked on the bed. As you do on a Monday evening. We’re being silly with each other but my need for him is strong and I can’t resist his naked body.

He kisses me. Once, twice, he kisses me. His face is kind, but with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“You initiate sex by saying something.”

He rolls on top of me and starts kissing me all over.

“Like…. I’m going to do something so dirty to you, and make you so wet.”

I gasp and moan as he goes on. He wants to fuck me, he wants to devour me, he wants my legs trembling with desire.

And then he straddles me and with one swift push, he enters me. His thrusts are swift and they make me utterly insane. He keeps whispering. “Come for me, baby, come for me. I’m going to make you moan.”

We fuck and scream and cry till we reach our limit and come.

And then he sits up.

“And that’s how you seduce someone.”

“Lesson learned. Although I could use more education.”

“Oh, we can provide.”

“I’m sure you can. I’m sure you can.”

The Peace of Wild Things

We needed each other last night.

We need each other all the time, but last night there was something in the air that made the love-making even more intense than it already is.

As Loverboy said in his post yesterday, things have gone into overdrive in our otherwise peaceful lives.

One Saturday morning, upon descending in the kitchen, Mamma ILB told us point blank that they had finally found a new place to move to. One that’s too small to include the both of us. Hence, we needed to look for a new place for just the both of us.

Since that Saturday morning, life has felt like hyperspeed. Loverboy is just about settling in into his new job, trying to pick up work where he can. I’m trying to find a steady job that will leave me enough time to build my writing portfolio. Add to that the frantic search for a new flat, and you’ve got the elements of chaos. A million things to do and not enough time to do them in.

Friday was a particular downer in that aspect. It started out well enough. I joined in with a knitting circle, picked up Loverboy from the station and took him for a coffee and cake. Then, we went into town. And here’s where it all went wrong. Two job agencies turned us away, telling us that “you can go to the website and keep an eye on there”. You’d think that actually making the effort to go through the freezing cold and show up at the agencies would be appreciated but you’d be dead wrong, I tell you.

We managed to register with just about every estate agent in a two-mile radius, without too much of a hassle. That’s until we went to the last agency. The prim and proper lady behind the desk fired a load of questions at us, each one in turn making me more nauseous. It was like I was speaking English and she was speaking Tagalog.

As we ventured into the cold again, I looked at him.

“Can’t we just live in a cave somewhere?”

“Or buy a castle with all the other sex bloggers?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Me too.”

We despaired that night. It was fortunate that we were meeting Robinson and Lovely for a night at the cinema, because Lord knows, we needed the distraction.

Last night, we lamented on how it feels like we’re not spending enough time together. I’ve been craving his touch for ages now, and by the looks of it, so did he.

We kissed.

We touched.

We undressed.

And the longing got the better of us.

We fucked for dear life until it seemed we were spent.

He rolled off me and settled next to me. We talked. Mused.

“I just want to have sex with you everywhere. Everywhere.”

And without any warning, he straddle me again and hammered into me until our heads spun with the joy of reunited ecstasy.

“Yeah, I just want to have sex with you too.” he smiled.

We fucked once more until I couldn’t feel my legs.

We masturbated for each other, with him looming over me for a while. I wanted his cum so badly. And I got it. All over my cheek, in fact.

Afterwards, we took a shower and ate. And we both agreed that this needed to happen more often. Because peace is much needed.

Spontaneous Combustion

There’s a lull in the proceedings of the day. It’s late in the evening, there’s something on TV but it’s not yet on. We wait, and kill time by watching a man eat a whole lot of food.

He kisses me. The kiss is sweet, but soon turns into something more passionate, more desirous.

Soon, we are devouring each other.

He mounts me and we kiss until my head is filled with only one thought (that thought being ICANHAZSEKSNAO?).

He’s rock-hard against me, and I want nothing more than to feel that hardness deep inside me.

And then he suggests it.

“Do you want to do it here?”

(I should point out that we’re in the workspace-comma-lounge, on the couch.)

I giggle. “Yes!”

He pulls his pants down, I take my pants off and lie down, spread open on the couch. Downstairs, his parents rumble.

“What if we get caught?”

“That’s the thrill of it.”

And on that couch, he fucks me to within an inch of my life. I tear at him, dig my nails into his perfect arse and inwardly giggle when he moans “This is so hot”, because yes, quite frankly, it’s THAT hot. My hips buck as we keep fucking until we’re spent.

Frazzled, I get my jeans back on as he does his pants up. We cuddle on the couch, but soon, I discover he’s still hard. I cup his penis through his trousers and mumble something about wanting to play.

“You can play if you like.”

I take his penis out of his trousers, and then decide that I am truly in for the pound, as I get down on my knees in front of him. He pulls his trousers down and what follows could quite possibly be the most enthusiastic, ecstatic head I’ve ever given him.

He likes it. Oh boy, does he ever like it. He tangles his fingers in my hair and reassures me that I can spend as long as I like down there.

And so I do.

When he finally calls time, I feel almost bereft of cock. But never bereft of cuddles, as we are soon doing so again.

I must say, I’ve heard about this thing called spontaneous combustion, but up until last night, I’ve never experienced it up close…


The Skills To Pay The Bills

“I want to taste you.”

“Want to practise your oral skills?”

Indeed he did. He’d blogged about his resolutions a few days before, and came to the conclusion that the one thing he really wanted was to get better at oral sex.

Now, I love a bit of flickering tongue between my thighs, so, last night, I was a very willing test subject. I’ve got quite a sensitive clit on me. Not going to lie, it can be ridiculously uncomfortable at times, because it makes me squeak like a mad woman. And considering we share a door with his parents, that’s not a thing I particularly want in my life.

But last night, something amazing happened. I didn’t freak out. As his lovely warm tongue flicked and licked my clit, I felt melty and fuzzy. My head was clear, my heart swelled with affection for this man who was feasting on me so vigorously.

After ages of floating on a little cloud, he sat up.

“Don’t want to give you beard rash, baby.” he smiled.

“Ehm. I don’t care.”

He chuckled.

“You can do that again. Any time you like.”


And with nothing but enthusiasm, I swung my legs over his back and guided him into my willing pussy. It felt good. It felt ridiculously good. And, also, I had no idea I could actually swing my legs over his back.

It was that delirious mix of making love through fucking. His cock filled me up so fantastically. I couldn’t get enough.

It seemed like several hours had passed when he finally lay down next to me.

“You okay, sweetie?”

“Yeah. I kinda want to come for you though.”

“Yeah. I want to come for you again too.”

We settled in position and watched each other as we frigged and jerked ourselves, until we could do no more. Spent, we let ourselves relax and fall asleep…


I Would Like

As my better half said in his post yesterday, we’ve been incredibly busy. Ever since the week I turned 22, life has been moving forward at a quite frankly alarming speed, resulting in him and me shlepping my stuff over from North West London to North London one grey afternoon. From then on, Christmas took over our lives, and aside from unpacking shit, I have also managed to survive a movie marathon, dinner at his friend’s house (and what a loverly bunch they are) and assorted Christmas celebrations with him and 16 of his relatives. And also the Mayan Apocalypse. But when you’ve sat through two raptures twiddling your thumbs and wondering if you should go out for a shop, you kinda know what to do.

But that’s neither here nor there.

The truth is that all this insanity has left us a bit listless. And as Loverboy stated, we were completely out of energy for any sexy time activities.

Or so I thought.

After binging on Red Dwarf I episodes, we lay in bed, cuddling and giggling over Lister and the rest. I felt kissy, even though I was at that point coming down with a throat infection.

“Are you not scared of getting my bug?”

He shook his head.

“I promise I’ll take care of you.”

I kissed him again and again until I felt dizzy. The next thing I remember is him rolling on top of me and planting kisses up and down my neck. God, I wanted him so much.

“Do you want to have sex?”


Before I stripped down to my nothings, I held him.

“Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Want to have sex?”

“Of course!”

“Okay! Good!”

He lay me down, and after a couple of seconds trying, he was inside me. It felt like a reconnection. Like something I desperately needed to feel over the past couple of days (weeks, even). We were close, breathing heavily, little moans escaped my mouth. God, this Loverboy of mine. He makes my core tremble.

Desperately, we fucked each other, until we could do no more. He collapsed, pulled out and snuggled up to me.

“How do you feel?”


And that’s all I really wanted.

Tickle Me Tease Me

“Guess who’s coming?”

I immediately invoke the Slowpoke face, as I literally haven’t a clue.

“We talked about him earlier.”

“Eh… Who’s com… Ah. 47.”

Indeed, it is 47 who has texted ILB with the message that he’s due to arrive at the station. Half an hour later, 47 materializes in the bedroom. We spend most of the night involved in a Mario Party battle on the DS, which leads to many, many cries of “BALLS!”, “SHITE!” and other assorted curses.

At some point, I find myself alone with ILB. He leans in and whispers…

“I really wanted to have sex with you earlier on, but then 47 came in…”

A tantalizing promise of things to come, so it turns out.

After we say goodnight to our esteemed guest, I stalk off to the loo.

“And after that, we have fun.”

“Fun with my penis inside you?”


After I come back, we undress and, like the super cool awesome people we are, read in the nude. Like a boss. We eventually put our books down and resort to cuddling, because God knows that I need a bit of comfort after the last few weeks. I roll on to my front and he rolls on top of me. I can feel his hard cock against the cleft of my bumcheeks, nudging. It makes me confused about what I really want.

“What do you want me to do, baby?”

So I give the lamest answer I can give. “I don’t really know.”

He settles beside me and cuddles me.

“What would I have to do to have you take me from behind?”

“Well, I’d have to be on my knees, your arse needs to be in the air…. and you’d need to be wet.”

To my horror I realize I’m not wet yet… This causes a moment of insecurity that is quickly resolved by my brilliant idea to pillock about with the tickling feather I bought a few months ago.

As he teases and tickles me to the brink of insanity, I wriggle and giggle. Finally, I am relaxing.

“Turn over.” he growls.

I do.

The feeling of him entering me is a delight. We (and excuse me for clicheying) fuck like depraved rabbits, until we both collapse, exhausted. But I want more of him, more, more more! It’s beautiful enough to make me burst into tears and thank him. He thanks me in return.

We stay like that for a long while, until I ask him to move off me. The cum is dripping out of me, and I lie, not yet satisfied. So I begin to frig myself, which spurs him on to jerk himself off. We watch, the silence occasionally punctured by me uttering praise for his gorgeous cock.

Afterwards, bathing in the afterglow, we talk about sexy food. As you do.




(actual thing that happened)


Jillian and ILB are bathing in the afterglow of ridiculously good sex.

Suddenly, Jilly hears a noise.

A moan-like noise…

“What’s that?” says Jilly.

“Can’t hear anything.”

Again, a moan. Several moans even.

“Is that your parents?”

“Can’t be. They always put on music or some whale noises.”



Both Jilly and ILB are stunned. It is obviously the sound of spanking.

“Please tell me your parents aren’t secretly into BDSM?”

“EH, NO?!”

“Maybe it’s outside?”

“Open the window and have a listen?”

Jilly opens the window. The noise isn’t coming from outside. Jilly sits down…

… and then realizes something.

“It’s the DVD.”


“I left the DVD player on.”

Yes, the DVD player, containing a copy of Crash Pad Volume One, was still on and still playing.

I must say, big relief…

We burst out in laughter and stay like that for about five-hundred years. After that, we get back to re-exploring each other’s body. Who said sex wasn’t funny?

Have Your Beasty Way With Me

We’re up late.

He’s come back from work. We’ve eaten, safely deposited a phone to a friend and are up watching (another) documentary about sex. It’s naff and interesting at the same time, but I don’t care, because all I really want is him in my pants.

And he wants the same.

He devours me in a sea of kisses, his stubble leaving a trace on my cheeks and neck. He slips under my t-shirt and sucks on my nipples. I zone out up into a tizzy of pleasure.

He whispers something. I whisper, ever the mood killer, that I need to go to the loo.

“Get naked.” I order him. And when I come back from the loo, I’m pleased to see that he is, indeed, lying naked on the bed. I growl at him and tear off my own clothes.

I straddle him, and we kiss until my legs start to shake with tremors of arousal.

“Would you like to have your beasty way with me?” I ask, possibly with a naughty glint in my eyes. Seconds later, he’s doing exactly that.

“I’m going to lick you.” he announces quietly.

He dives between my legs and his tongue plays deftly with my pussy. It feels like heaven on a stick, and I tremble under his touches.

Eventually, I decide I can’t take it any more. I pull him up and let him straddle me. His cock slides into me and with a mischievous glint, he thrusts. The lovemaking is in turns frantic and yet soft, and I get lost in the motion of his hips and the rest of his body. I can feel the pleasure all over, up to the tip of my tippy toes.

And after the climaxes, it’s not over. He dives between my legs again, sucking on my clit. This time, my legs offer no resistance. Quite possibly because I have no strength left in them…

Then, he rolls on his side. I giggle at the sight of him picking hairs out of his teeth.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Nah, I’m alright. Just picking Jilly hairs out of my mouth.”

He lies down, seemingly relaxing. But then he slides his fingers down to my pussy. He frigs me, until I go absolutely insane in want of an orgasm. I decide to show him what I’m made of, and frig myself to two orgasms, with help from his kisses and touches.

Afterwards, he comes for me. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. His face is angelic, serene and the epitome of calm.  He takes a while to get out of his reverie.

“Jillian Boyd… are you still with me?”

“Of course, darling.”


Sleep comes easily…


The Need

The more he makes love to me, the more I find myself craving him.

Like yesterday.

Forgive me for being sketchy on the details, but I’ve not been well for a few days. Tends to fuddle with the brain. Anyway.

I was naked, he was naked. We were fooling around.

“What are you thinking about?” he asks.



A few seconds later, I become aware of a strange sensation on my belly.

“Are you rubbing your cock against my belly?”

“Ehm… Yes?”


“Well, now I’m thinking about sex too.”

Which is convenient. The next thing I remember is him on top of me. He sinks into me and makes me his, with his rocking hips and gorgeous lips.

Suddenly he thrusts deep. Very deep, intensely so. He asks me if it’s too much but I don’t want him to stop. I don’t want him to ever go away. If we could live with him inside me, I would. And I’m assuming he would too.

I find it hard to let him pull out. I love the feeling of him inside me, just resting, holding each other. In that moment, I need him more than ever.  I want to keep that connection for as long as I can. I want to feel every twitch, every throb of his penis, deep inside me.

Is that weird?