Red part 22


I couldn’t quite describe what was happening. The world around me was turning backwards and everything was black and white. I could see ominous shadows, floating in space, unaffected by time. It was strangely peaceful.

What happened next was less so. Beings pulling every extremity, voices coming from the depth…

And one voice, one very familiar voice calling out to me.


The same word, over and over again. “Whore.”

Then, his face, contorted in agony, trying to breathe, my hand on his throat.


Screams. Cries.

And then…


I awoke with a scream, panting frantically and sweating buckets full. Scared out of my mind, I started to sob. I was alone and quite possibly haunted.


I felt a hand on my shoulder and let out a cry in surprise. Not that alone, apparently.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Why are you so upset? Did you have a bad dream?”

“Yes.” I sobbed to James. “About… about…”

“About what?” he said, stroking my hair. My silence apparently spoke volumes. “About a ghost?”

“Yes. About a ghost. I’m scared.”

“Scared of what?”

“That it’s a sign. That we’re moving too fast and that all of this will end in disaster.”

“Do you think we are moving too fast?”

“James, we’ve only had sex two or three times and you rimmed me last night! How’s that not moving too fast?”

“Calm down, love. Yes, rimming might have been a step too far, now that you mention it. Let me think for a moment.”

In the darkness of the room, the silence felt quite uncomfortable. I could only feel him, and it reminded me of being blindfolded.



“Oh, thank God. Just checking. I don’t do well in the dark, alone.”

“You’re not alone. I’m here. And, if you want, we could slow it down. It’s been intense, and I can’t imagine that being good in the long-term. Not that I don’t like it.”

“I like it too, but I don’t want to… I don’t want to kill you.”

“What will it take to convince you that you didn’t kill him and that history won’t repeat itself? We’re not the same, that ghost and I. And we need to trust each other on that.”

“Do you not trust me?”

“I do… it’s just… I’m getting there. I’m trying things, thinking things. I know I love you and I feel like I can already say that without you shooting me down.”

“But how do you know for sure that you love me? It might be deceit of the heart.”

“Reed, my heart betrays me on occasion but I just know that this isn’t one of them.”

“But what if I can never retaliate those feelings?”

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take, remember? I’m opening my heart for you. And I know you’re trying. And I’m waiting. Whenever you’re ready. Now, get some sleep.” he said, kissing me on the cheek.

I lay back down and tried to catch sleep, but my mind was louder than ever. How could he even muster up the patience to wait for me to say those words? And wasn’t it too early in our relationship to even say them? How did he even know for sure that he loved me?

And all this time, I heard Iddo in the back of my head.

“Whore. Useless fucking whore.”


I woke up, shivering and sweating from another dream, with pretty much the same scenario, but different words this time. What was it he said?

“Slut. Whore. I own you.”

I felt nauseous remembering it. Iddo, the bastard. Before our sex life took a turn for the worst, we had often discussed stuff like spirituality, and the existance of spirits. Iddo, ever the sceptic, had more than once reassured me that, no, they didn’t exsist and no, my house wasn’t haunted.

And now, it seemed he lied.

James had made eggs Benedict, to celebrate the weekend, I guess. I loved eggs Benedict, but, although I tried with all my heart, I couldn’t get a bite in my mouth.


“Yes, Reed?”

“We’re going too fast, aren’t we?”

“Still on your mind?”

“Yeah, but I just…”

I let out a heavy sigh. He reached out and took hold of my hand, caressing it with his thumb. It felt quite nice, and it just showed that he already knew how to relax me.

“We can take it slow, if you like. Keep the wild things for later. And I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable last night. I just wanted to surprise you.”

“You did. Trust me. But I just need to get to know you better, sexually. I mean, we both have issues in the bedroom that need to be worked out.”

“And we will work them out. Together. As slow or as fast as you want. Alright?”

I took a deep breath and smiled, although it was a wary one. The effects of my night’s sleep were weighing me down and I was very thankful that the weekend could bring some solace. Hopefully.


“Good. Now, tell me babe, how do you want to spend the weekend?”

“Theatre? Opera? Somewhere where I don’t need to think.”

“Not really what I had in mind. Bowling at the Trocadero?”


He grinned. “Bit of your world, bit of mine. I like that. Is there anything in particular you want to see?”

“No. Just take me anywhere.”

“Alright. I will.”

The genuine, kind smile on his face did something magical. It gave me my appetite back. And I vowed not to get one or two silly dreams get in my way.

I happily ate my eggs Benedict, musing on the merits of going bowling with my boyfriend.

And kicking his ass at it. Strike!

Red part 21

21: Signs of Intelligent Life

“Congratulations, Ms Hannigan. It’s a boy.”

I could tell Laura wasn’t expecting that answer. Her mouth fell open and she gaped at the doctor in disbelief. “A boy? As in… a boy? Like, with a little penis and that?”

“Yes, of course! You can look at the screen if you like.” said the statuesque, older man, pointing towards the monitor, where a flurry of activity was going on.

“I can’t look, I’m scared!” cried Laura, hiding her face in her hands.

“For fuck’s sake, Laura, it’s just a baby, it can’t hurt you!” I said, trying to pry her hands apart. “Besides, don’t you want to see your cute lad?”

She looked up at me and said, “Is it cute?”

“Turn around and see for yourself.” I said, pointing towards the screen. The magical sound of a baby’s heartbeat filled the room and Laura turned around to face the monitor.

“Wow. Reed. Look.” she whispered.

“I’m looking. Very cool.”

It was one of those fancy 4-D scanners, which I had only seen on television. We looked at each other, both awed by the awesome science on display. It was a sign of intelligent life in the making, and a very overwhelming thing to experience.

“Is he healthy, doctor?” asked Laura, not taking her eyes off the little screen.

“Well, your tests will be back quite soon, so we’ll know more then, but from what I can see, that is one healthy lad you’ve got there.”

We both breathed a sigh of relief. And when we left the doctor’s office, Laura’s mood had improved enough to get a ham sandwich on the way home.

She’ll get sick of those ham sandwiches one day…. hopefully.


James had asked me to come over to his place that night. He lured me in with the promise of fish and chips and a marathon of Rome episodes.

He had made the fish and chips from scratch. I absolutely loved every bite. He had found a way to make the batter for the fish deliciously crispy, and I admired him for that, because it was something I could never quite manage to do.

All through dinner, we couldn’t stop eyeing each other. Fuck, he was so good-looking, I couldn’t help myself. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye tonight, which made me wonder what he had in store for me. I guessed it wasn’t just an extended viewing of series one of Rome…

Later that night, as the perils of ancient Rome unfolded on the television screen, I could help getting lost in the atmosphere. Mighty Caesar in his carriage, evil Atia, kind-hearted sex maniac Pullo… it was all becoming too much for me. I feared that if he touched me now, I would dissolve in to a puddle of lusty ooze.

So, I touched him. Just to see what his reaction would be. I lightly brushed his arm, part of me hoping that he wouldn’t even notice. But he did. He turned to me and I could see that mischievous twinkle in his eyes again.

The moment of stillness that followed seemed like an eternity. It was like everything in the world, in the universe faded away. The only thing that registered in my head was the sound of our breath, quickening. It wasn’t a question of what was going to happen, or when. It was who was going to make the first move.

He did. He pounced on me, pushing me down on the couch and kissing me with such brute force that my lips nearly bled from it. It was so powerful, I found myself completely lost in the moment. So when he pulled away and stood up from the couch, I wondered what would follow. What could possibly top that kiss?

I got my answer when he swept me up from the couch and draped me over his shoulder. He carried me up the stairs to his bedroom, like a brutish caveman.

Once upstairs, we wasted no time. Soon, clothes were everywhere, some even ripped to shreds, like that shirt he had bought last week. He didn’t seem to mind one bit.

We never stopped kissing, not even for a moment. Our hands were everywhere, frantically searching for the right spots to hit, the right skin to caress. He felt moist and warm, and I revelled in the smell of him, in the ecstasy of his musk, his sweat and his cologne.

“Reed.” he panted, trying desperately to catch his breath.


“Bend over.”


I didn’t quite understand what he had said. But when he backed me up against the bed and turned me around, I started to suspect something.

“Bend. Over.” he hissed into my ear. For a moment, I panicked. The vision of James caning me, like Iddo used to do, hit me hard.

“Wh… why?” I stuttered. Still, I bent down and hoped for the best.

There was a slight silence for quite a few seconds, before I got the answer to my question in the form of a soft kiss at the bottom of my spine.

He kissed his way down and soon, his lips were on my left arsecheek. I let out a little squeal. It was not exactly a place that often got kissed, and it had a lot of scarring on it, marks left by various whips and floggers. But this… this was quite pleasant.

When he licked the slit, from top to bottom, with his hot tongue, my heart went all a-flutter, because I now knew what he was up to.

I had never been rimmed myself, but I had done it to an ex of mine. He seemed to like it very much, and I had always wondered what if would feel like when done to me.

The answer came when he spread my cheeks and, quite gingerly, licked around my pucker. Fucking delicious.

I let out a moan, and this spurred him on to slick my arse with his tongue, licking me into a stupor of ecstasy. It felt so incredibly dirty and it made me want to melt all over the bed.

And when he started fingering my slick pussy too, I could take no more.

“Christ, just fuck me, James!” I cried out. But he wouldn’t hear me. He kept teasing my pussy, until I started shivering and giggling from the sheer lunacy of the moment.

“Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me. Fuck. Me! Oh God, why aren’t you fucking me?” I panted. He, of course, chuckled, since that’s his natural reaction to everything relating to my sexual ecstasy.  

“Relax! And wait just a second. You’ll get what you want.”

I could hear him walking towards the nightstand and fumbling about in the drawers. I closed my eyes and waited, longing for the feeling of him filling me up.

Slipping into dreamspace, I could only make out sounds, like his bare feet treading on the floor, the wrapper of the condom being opened, the sound of my heartbeat in my own ear. The anticipation was killing me.

He relieved me of the tension in my belly, as he slipped into me and pulled me upright, so my back was to his front.

“Slow or fast?” he asked. “Any way you want.”

I admired his ability to make good conversation and keep composure with his dick inside a wet cunt. Quite a talent, surely?

“Hard. Fast. Rough.” I breathed. He kissed my neck and sucked until the flesh ached. I shuddered under his lips and was completely unprepared when his hips thrust forward. I bent over again and held on to his multicolored comforter, in a poor attempt to seek leverage.

He pounded into me, holding my waist and trying very hard to go as deep as possible. Downright dirty doggystyle-fucking, like I always fantasized about.

The sound of his grunting was evidence that he was enjoying it, being the rough, brassy caveman, fucking his missus with wild abandon, ravaging her sweet cunt as if his life depended on it.

I raised myself up again, in order to reach my clit. I was dying for release and it wasn’t enough. I wanted more, and luckily, he had caught on to my idea and let his fingers slide between my legs. The combined sensation of the frigging and the thrusting triggered an intense climax, the kind of which I had never experienced before.

He came moments after, slumping down on the carpet in a naked heap of man.

Both panting messes, my arse defiled by his tongue, my pussy still throbbing…

He started to giggle. I turned around to face him, this naked mess on the floor, with a full condom still on his dick and an eternal grin on his face.

“That was fun!” he said, smiling.

“I know!”

I lay down on the bed and wrapped myself in his comforter. He rolled off his condom and threw it in the bin next to his bed, after which he sat down on the bed.

“We didn’t even switch off the television.” I said, taking his hand in my hand and squeezing it. He squeezed back.

“No, we didn’t. Do you want to go and watch more?”

“Give me a moment. I want to revel in the afterglow.”

He smiled at me, and it was quite magical.

Red part 20

20: Take Control

It began with banoffee pie. He had brought the ingredients and set up shop in my kitchen. I watched him closely, as he crafted the layers of the intricate dessert with the expertise of a master.

He let me lick caramel off his fingertips. My tongue made him shiver with lust, although he wouldn’t admit it.

As I expected, the pie was delicious. In between nibbles, we chatted about our day. It could have been an innocent scene, were it not for my feet rubbing his cock through his trousers under the table. It took him a while to notice it, but when his breath caught in his throat in the middle of a sentence, I knew that I’d hit the spot.

“If you’re not careful, I might come in my jeans.” he said, swallowing.

“Would that be such a bad thing?” I purred innocently.

“Yes. I don’t want to ruin them.”

“Take them off. I don’t mind. Take it all off, we’ll be naked together. I like being naked together.”

“Me too, actually.” he said, standing up from his chair and unbuttoning his flies. He undid his jeans to reveal a pair of black boxers.

And a sizeable erection hiding behind the fabric.

He noticed it and grinned sheepishly. “Can’t help it.”

That moment of pure innocence was enough to make me run over to him and jump him. He fell back against the wall as my lips pressed against his. I devoured his mouth, greedily lapping up the taste of him.

God, I wanted him. I wanted him so much, I practically ripped his shirt open. My hands roamed about his strong chest, taking in every curve and shape. Out of control, I kissed his neck, biting down when my mouth hit his shoulder.

“Slow down, Reed.” he whimpered when my fingers found his cockhead peeping out from his boxers.

“I don’t want to. And I can’t. Just let me take control. I need control.”

I sat on my knees and pulled his boxers down.

“Reed, I don’t think…”

His words caught in his mouth as I swirled my tongue around his pretty, wet head. I felt so greedy and hungry for his cock, I completely forgot his issues with this act. But, of course, he was kind enough to remind me.

“Reed, please don’t. I just… can’t.”

I took him out of my mouth, looking up at him. “Just let me. Stop me if you can’t take it. Say “banana”. That’ll be our safe word. Alright?”

He nodded, and watched, utterly transfixed, as I licked from the head down the shaft and back up again. I took him in my mouth and tongued and sucked him like the obscene lollypop he was.

He leaned back against the wall and sighed heavily. He entwined his fingers in my hair for leverage and held on to my head. He whispered expletives in to the air.

“Jesus, Reed…” was all he could manage.

I wondered if I could go further, now that he seemed so calm. I decided to push my luck and gently touched his balls, to see what he would do.

At that moment, he looked down and our eyes met. It was a strangely intimate moment, punctuated by a soft whisper.

I couldn’t hear what he had said, so I let go of him and said, “Banana?”

“No, I said fuck, that’s good!” he chuckled. 

I couldn’t control the massive, nervous belly laugh I felt bubbling up in my stomach. He pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me, whilst he laughed.

“Banana?” I said, trying not to choke on my laughter.

“Take me to bed and ravage me. And also, banana.”

An offer I couldn’t refuse, surely?

I took his hand and pulled him towards the bedroom, where we kissed again.

“Are you sure you want me to take control? I’ve never really done that before.” I said, pulling away from him.

“I’m sure. Fuck, Reed, you turn me on so much. I’m scared I might come too hard, and accidentaly combust in a cloud of semen and bliss!”

“You won’t.” I smiled. And with one swift movement, I pushed him down on the bed.

I undid my clothes and let them all fall in an unruly heap of fabric on the floor. He removed his open shirt, and threw it in a corner, before pulling me on top of him and kissing me with his eager lips.

With entangled limbs and entwined fingers, we made out. It was the most blissful sensation in the world, and for a moment, I contemplated leaving it like that and not having sex at all.

Until his breathless whisper.

“Fuck me.”

The words sent shivers down my spine. I’ve never heard them from a man before. I reached over to the nightstand and took a condom out of the drawer.

“You or me?” I asked him.

“You. I want to see you do it.”

I opened the little square package and took out the condom. With careful and precise movements, I slid it onto his straining cock.

“Voila.” I said, with a smile. I added a gesture for flourish. He chuckled and said, “Couldn’t have done it better myself. Ride me, Reed.”

Those words packed a powerful punch, because suddenly, nerves got hold of me. A chill ran up my spine and I knew at that moment that I couldn’t take control. Something was holding me back, like hands on my shoulders, pulling me away.

“Reed? Reed, darling, talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong.” he said, sitting up and looking quite concerned.

“I can’t do this. He doesn’t want me to.”

“What, Iddo?”

He tenderly brushed my cheek and said, “Fuck him. Fuck that selfish, rotten cunt and let him go. You’re strong, Reed, you can let him go.”

“I’m not strong enough.” I whimpered. “He never let me take control and…”

James placed a finger on my lips to shut me up. “Take control. Fuck, I’ve been fantasizing about you riding me like a dirty cowgirl for months now. Fuck me, Reed. And let go.”

He kissed me, with the kind of passion that made my legs go wobbly. High on lust, I took his cock in my hand and guided it into me. I moved slowly, up and down, kissing his neck, his face, his lips, everything I could reach. He held on to my hips as I grinded.  

“Holy shit, Reed…” he whispered.

“Lie down. Let me ride you properly.” I said, pushing him back on to the mattress. I sped up, making sharp, hard moves that had him moaning in ecstasy.

“Do you like it rough, James?” I hissed.


“Do you like to be ridden?”


“Dirty boy! So hard and ready for me. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“YES! Oh God, don’t make me come yet!”

His fingers pressed deep into my flesh, a pain so exquisite. I rid him with the expertise of Calamity Jane and he was loving every second of it. I took his hands and put them on my arse.

“Spank it!”


“Come on, filthy fucker, spank my arse!” I cried out, hoping that he was willing to give me that sweet release. “Spank it, pinch it, slap it, I don’t care, just do something!”

I raked my fingers across his chest, bending down and grinding into his body. He held on to my arse, kneading it, scratching it, sending me straight to the edge on such a high, I feared ever coming down.

Then, his fingers slid between my cheeks, and, in a very cheeky move, he rubbed around my arsehole. I couldn’t deny that it was one of my most blissful spots, and his finger, right there, sent me over.

“Shit!” I cried out. It was like there was a fire in my belly, spreading out to all extremities, making me convulse and cry out his name. It took all my strength to carry on and bring him to climax, but, ever the galant, he helped me by holding my hips and thrusting into me. He came shortly after, panting, his body tensing up, before letting go and riding the wave.

I collapsed into a sweaty heap on his chest. He gently stroked my back. We lay like that for a while, until I decided I needed to lie on a pillow.

Me, lying down. Him, sitting against the head of the bed, with his arm around me. Perfect.

He chuckled.


“Am I mistaking, or did you really like my finger circling your arsehole?”

“You’re not, actually. I’ve always fantasized about anal sex. Have you not seen my collection of plugs?”

“You have a collection of plugs? Shit, every day, you amaze me more and more.”

“You should talk! Admit it, you liked me touching your arse as well!”

“Ehm… Yeah, I did. Because I trust you enough not to hurt me.”

“Do you want to be pegged?”

“I don’t know. I think I wouldn’t be averse to trying it. Would you be the pegger?”

“Depends on how much you want it. If you don’t want it, I won’t do it. If you really want it, I’d be your pegger.”

“Wow. You must love me.” he said, cuddling up to me.

It was on the tip of my tongue, really. I was already forming the words in my head, but when it came down to saying them… Once again, I wussed out. He noticed.

“It’s ok, I know you do. You just say it when you’re ready.”

Thank God for this man’s patience…


Red part 19

19: Afterglow and afterwoe

I couldn’t help smiling. Can you blame me? Waking up, bathing in the afterglow of our first night as proper lovers, with my arms wrapped around this beautiful man’s waist. This must be what heaven feels like.

Except heaven doesn’t have any blaring alarm clocks. Or phones that sound like the TARDIS. Or… well, you get my drift.

“Ugh. What time is it?” I croaked. I turned around towards my alarm clock and groaned when I saw that it was, in fact, Impossibly Early o’Clock.

James sat up and looked at the clock.

“Ugh.” he said. My sentiments exactly. “How do you manage waking up this early?”

“I’m well-trained.”

I pulled the duvet over my face and groaned into it. Mornings with Reed Sullivan are nothing but a mix of groans and grunts, apparently.

He pulled the duvet back, and smiled this fantastic smile that had me tingly in the belly. “I wonder who made you glow like that.” he said.

“Oh, this very sexy man, covered in blue paint.” I giggled, as he snuggled up to me. “He has a beautiful body and a wonderful cock, and he knows how to make me come.”

“And who is this man, with the wonderful cock? Do I know him? I’d love to meet him!” he said playfully. I had no choice but to swat him. He giggled like a little menace.

“Oi, easy there! Seriously though… was I… any good? It’s been a long time since… and I just wondered…”

“You… we were… it was amazing.”

Jesus, this man had me turning into a stuttering heap of former female. I thought I was more articulate than that.

“Yeah, it was quite amazing. You wouldn’t by chance be up for a repeat performance, would you?” he said, with a cheeky glint in his eye.

“James, not now. It’s early and we both need to get up and go to work. Besides… I have to get this plan I have in mind in gear.”

“You have a plan? Is it an evil plan?” he said, kissing my neck. “Is it a wicked, devious plan that will get people all riled up?”

“Well… it’s a plan. Let’s keep it at that.”


We left for work, holding hands, as I told him about the plan I had in mind.

The idea of finding Derek Dietrich and re-uniting him with Laura had begun to take over my brain. I wanted my best friends to be happy together, and once I got started, there was no way of stopping.

I had no idea where to start. I only had his work e-mail to go on, so, that afternoon, on a free hour, I decided to hijack the computer in the staff room. Now, this was, in fact, the only computer in the staff room. On some days, there was an actual queue for it. A few of my colleagues just brought their laptops, but the rest just merrily waited. I once heard my normally placid and timid colleague David, who teaches RE, actually lash out at someone and call them a “little shit”, because they were on the computer for too long.

Luckily, there was no queue this time, so I had free access to the computer. For a moment, I pondered the idea of watching porn on it. Which I dismissed pretty quickly.

I logged on to my e-mail account and searched through my contacts for Derek’s e-mail address, hoping I hadn’t deleted it yet.

I hadn’t. Soon, the magic words popped up on my screen. It didn’t take me long to compose the e-mail, which didn’t mention Laura’s pregnancy yet. It was just a light and breezy message, asking him how he was and how he was adapting to life in South-Africa.

I quickly pressed “send” and logged out. Deed done, I returned to my cup of coffee and said a quick prayer that Derek would get the e-mail.


Later that night, I logged in on my own laptop, with James watching over my shoulder. Apparently I had five new messages from my school contacts list, so I quickly clicked to see if Derek was one of them.

Words could not express the amount of relief I felt when Derek’s name popped up.

“Is that him?” asked James.

“Yep. Nobby. Cross your fingers for me, will you?”

He crossed his fingers and showed it to me. I couldn’t resist a smile.

I clicked on the message and waited till it opened. When the words appeared on my screen, it took a moment to register. But then, it hit me like a plank of wood in the face.

This account has been closed. Please turn to Mr A. Welford for details.


It was said in perfect unison. James put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a kiss to comfort me. “Maybe you should ask Mr Welford if he has any details?”

“It’s no use, he isn’t going to give anything away. Privacy and that.”

“Hmm… possibly. But I think I have an idea. It involves a teeny-tiny white lie.”

“Oh? Tell me more…”

As James explained his plan, I came to a conclusion. He’s not only dynamite in bed, he’s got a solid head on his two shoulders as well…


The idea was quite simple. James would go to Mr Welford and ask for Derek’s contact information, so he could ask him questions about his past itineraries for the second semester. Mr Welford would, of course, agree, and give him the information. And, quite possibly, praise James for his initiative.

At least, that’s how James explained it to me.

I hoped it would work.

Meanwhile, November had come knocking and most of my colleagues seemed to be suffering from oncoming winter depression. It was rubbing off on my students as well.

I was doing my usual tour of the room, whilst Year 11 worked on their autumnal artwork. A few of the pictures caught my eye as being particularly depressing. There was an abundance in skulls and crossbones, graveyards and skeletons. Was this an after-effect of the recent Halloween celebrations?

There was a polite knock at my door. I hurried to open it, praying that it was a certain hunky man with good news.

Indeed, behind the door was James. He pulled me outside and started talking at the fastest pace known to man.

“Slow down, lunatic! Tell me what you know.”

“Alright. So, I talked to Welford, told him why I wanted Derek’s contact information and…


“He fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker.” he said, producing a little piece of paper from his pocket. I eagerly grabbed it from his hands and let out a little squee when I saw what was on it.

“His phone number, his cell-phone number and his e-mail address. And I’ve got more news. He’s in Glasgow.”

“Glasgow? What happened to South-Africa?”

“I don’t know, Welford wouldn’t say. He just said that he’s currently residing in Glasgow.”

“Oh James, I don’t know whether to hug you or kiss you!” I said, taking him in my arms.

“It’s nothing, really. Consider it a big favor towards Laura. And you, of course. So… do you fancy getting together tonight?”

He kissed me, quickly, so that no-one would notice. Not that there was anyone in the hallway, but still… always be prepared.

“Mm… tempting proposition. What do you want to do?”

“Cook for you. I make a mean banoffee pie, don’t you know?”

“Ooh, banoffee, my favorite!”

“Glad you like it, because I’m planning to smear it all over your body and eat it from between your naked breasts.”

My legs wanted to give out at that moment, from the sheer explosion of lust in the pit of my belly. He held me steady, and gave me little kisses that only served to making it worse.

“I dare you to keep that image in your head as you go back to your students and mentally masturbate over it.”

“Don’t you fucking tease me, you big… tease-monkey!”

“Is that the best you can do?” he said, grinning. He pulled away and turned around, but not before he gave me a wink. Cheeky sod. He walked off, giving me a little booty-shake.

“Sod!” I yelled out. I could just feel him smirking.

I’d get him back.

Red part 18

18: Sparks

A few nights later, I was in the studio, putting the finishing touches on a painting I was doing. James was sitting on the bed in the corner, watching my every move.

“So, what is it you’re painting exactly?” he asked.

“Just an abstract thing. Riffing on a brain wave I had this morning. Do you like it?”

“Yeah, I quite like it. I like your brainwaves, they’re exquisite and beautiful.”

“Thank you. Shame I’m getting so sticky though.”

“You can always take off your clothes.”

“Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I said, whilst he giggled quietly.

“I got a question for you. Do you ever paint naked?”

“Can’t say I have. Why?”

“Just curious. Would you ever try it?”

“I wouldn’t object to it. Why do you ask? Oh, I get it, you want me to get naked, don’t you, you cheeky sod?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it! Come on. Get naked and get dirty for me.”

“Alright. But only if you do so too.”

“Fair enough.” he said. He stood up from the bed and started stripping off, in his stupendously efficient style. Meanwhile, I did the same, placing my clothes on the bed.

Naked James walked over to my easel and studied the abstract brain wave painting from close-by.

“It’s a cunt, isn’t it?” he said suddenly.

“A cunt? Why would I paint a cunt? Why would my abstract brain wave be about a cunt?”

“Well, I thought about it. These lines here are the cunt itself.” he explained, tracing the lines with his fingers. He was smearing out the paint a bit, but it added to the painting.

“And these lines and colors are the energy it expels when the woman is aroused or heading towards orgasm. I think it’s beautiful, because it’s the essence of a woman’s most private part captured in a picture and a wonderful ode to something that gives a woman so much pleasure. Have I got it right?”

I was silent. I found his explanation so compelling. And I saw it too. Indeed, embarrassingly enough, I had painted an abstract cunt. It was a stupid little nothing I had in my mind early that morning, and I felt compelled to hate it. But in his eyes, it was beautiful.

Suddenly, I felt him touch my nose with a finger full of paint. He was grinning when I looked at him.

“Sorry. I just wanted to see your reaction. Your nose is now red, by the way.”

“You loon!” I cried out. I would not stand for this, so I took a tube of blue paint and squirted it on him.

“Oi! I’m going to get you, you cheeky mare!” he said, taking a tube of red paint in his hands.

“Only if you catch me!” I cried out, and bolted to the other side of the studio. He chased me, and eventually pinned me down on the bed, where he squirted the paint on my naked body. He used his hands to cover me in the stuff, and I, in turn, smeared out the blue paint. I eventually escaped from his claws and ran away again. He took a tube of yellow paint and chased me with it, eventually pinning me down again. He squirted the paint all over me, rubbing it in.

There was something so intensely erotic about this situation. The feeling of his hands on my paint-covered skin was a feeling I had come to constantly crave. He was the ultimate aphrodisiac, never failing to turn me on.

I felt pure adrenalin course through me, taking control. I took his hands in mine and raised them above his head. He understood the hint and pulled me in for a kiss. His lips were so delicious and soft against mine. I enjoyed the feeling of his warm tongue and I could feel every defence I had left melting away.

Oh God, I wanted to fuck him so bad.

And it appeared he wanted the same, since I could feel his erection pressing urgently against me. He moaned into my mouth and pulled away to whisper in my ear.

“I want you, Reed. I can’t stand this ache anymore. I’m ready. Are you?”

“Shut the fuck up and carry me to the bed so we can fuck like dirty dogs.” I said, pulling him back into the kiss and devouring his mouth.

“If you’re not careful, you’re going to make me come with that filthy mouth of yours.” he said in that low and growly voice that meant he was supremely aroused. He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me to the paint-stained bed. He threw me down on it, and I yelped from the impact with the bed.

He crawled on top of me, smearing more paint on the duvet and covering me in a blue hue. He kissed my neck and I let out a squeal when he took a bit of flesh in his mouth and sucked hard. That was going to leave a dirty love bite in the morning

“You’re mine now. A marked woman.” he announced with an evil grin. He lowered himself on to me and pressed his intoxicating lips to mine. His probing tongue found mine.

If ever there was a more genuine man than James, I wouldn’t want to know it. He was everything I ever longed for, intelligent, witty, a big joker and hot as hell.

His cock strained against my thigh. I could feel little drips of pre-cum dripping down on my leg. His body felt so warm and wonderful. He was like a drug, getting me so delightfully high.

“P..p…protection?” I stuttered, when he pulled away.


“Do you have condoms? Oh, wait, I have condoms! Yes, condoms, very important, mustn’t carry on without condoms!”

“Calm down!” he laughed. “Don’t be nervous. Where are your condoms?”

“Top drawer.”

He pulled back and hovered over me, as he took a condom out of the box in the top drawer. I watched, as he took his impressive cock into his hand and expertly sheathed it, never taking his eyes off me. There was something about his precise movements that was fascinating.

He caught me looking at him and smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back. In that moment, I felt such a deep connection with him that it took my breath away.

He came back towards me, and, as if by magic, I felt my thighs fall open, a response to his proximity. He kissed me again, and knocked my legs open even more with his knees. I could feel his left hand slipping down my body and tracing the my wet slit. The paint was everywhere, even in my hair, but I couldn’t care less.

He slipped a finger between my lips and started petting my clit.

“Don’t, James.” I said, taking his hand and moving it away from my pussy.

“Oh? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.. just.. please… please fuck me, Sir.”

He gave me an odd look, and I realised what I had said. The penny dropped with him and, to my surprise, he understood why I said it.

“You don’t need to beg and you definitely don’t need to call me Sir. You’re free, Alice Reed. Slave to no-one. And I really hope…”

I could feel his cock nudging at my wet entrance. I rose just enough to let him slip in.

“That I can make you smile with this.”

He slipped in deep, and I let out a gasp. “Oh fuck.”

He lowered himself, and sank his teeth into my neck. He gently bit down, while he fucked me, thrusting deep into me and nibbling on the soft flesh. I wanted to say something, but all that came out was a faint whimper. I could feel his hard angles rubbing against my clit, which sent sparks through my body. Ever little nerve ending was crying out for more.

I wrapped my legs around him, pushing him in even deeper, which made me gasp a loud “Holy fucking shit, you’re so big!”

“Dirty, filthy mouth… I like it!” he growled, thrusting faster, rotating his hips, nibbling my neck, whispering a stream of absolute filth in my ear that I could only half make out…

The words soon became one long sentence, and the sentence became one long moan, as I clawed my fingers into his back and raked them all the way to his perfect, blue-paint-stained arse. His breath caught in his throat.

“Oh God, right there.” he grunted through his teeth. “Right there.”

He made a noise, a deep, primal noise that managed to scare the shit out of me. He was breathing faster, moving faster, biting down on the soft flesh of my shoulder. I could feel his hands roam over my body, paint getting everywhere.

“Jesus, Reed, I think I’m… coming!” he cried out, straining to hold out just a bit longer. He gripped me tight and gave an almighty thrust, one which nearly knocked me against the head of the bed. I felt my body warm up to a fever and the pleasure flowed freely through me.

“Me.. me… me first!” I cried out. The orgasm that followed was incredibly powerful.

“Oh God, I can feel you coming!” he whispered. His jaw went taut and his muscles tight. He let go, growling deep in his throat and spurting his hot seed into the condom. He cried out my name, and it sounded like music. And for the hundredth time, I fell in love with him.


He on the left. I on the right. My leg over his, my brown eyes looking into his beautiful blues.

There was no need for words. Only touches, smiles and giggles. It was like we were speaking in code to each other.

Eventually, he did speak. “Reed?”


“I love you.”

At first it didn’t register with me. I thought he was just saying it as a throw-away remark.

But then I saw the look in his eyes. The smile on his face, a smile that only a man living in a world of utter bliss and love can have.

I had to say something.



“I need a shower.” I blurted out. Fuck. I couldn’t even say the words. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

He smiled, seemingly unfazed by my incapability to say it back.

“Come on. Let’s get lathered up.” he said. 

“Wait… I can’t say it.”


“Those words. I can’t say them yet.” 

“Let’s get lathered up?”

“No, you loon, the other words.”

“I know. It’s ok. Whenever you’re ready. Just know that I feel that way about you.”

I smiled at him. But cursed myself. I hated that I couldn’t say it back.

“I’m glad I made you smile. It enchants me.” he said, tracing my lips with his fingers. “Now, let’s shower.”


We held each other, standing under the hot stream of water. Every nerve ending was on edge, because of his proximity. The paint ran down our bodies and two colors met before running down the drain. My head against his big, broad chest, listening to his heartbeat. Bliss.

So why couldn’t I say the three words I longed to say?

Red part 17

17: Father of Woe

Sarios, lunch hour. The little Italian café was full of students, little old ladies and businessmen looking for a quick lunch. It was quite the eclectic mix of people and I enjoyed watching them, most of the time. Not today.

Laura walked into the café, looking tired and worn out. She smiled heartily when she saw me.

I wasted no time in asking her the criticals.

“So. Do you just think you are pregnant, or are you genuinely pregnant?”

“I suspect I am. I’m have all the symptoms and my period isn’t showing face anymore, so… I haven’t taken a test yet, but I’ve bought one and scheduled a visit to an obstetrician, to be sure. Will you go with me?”

“Of course! I’ll even stay with you and wait out for the results of the test, if you like.”

“Oh, thanks Reed, you’re an angel. I was panicking so hard this morning.”

“What happened this morning?”

“Well, I kinda put two and two together and figured out I was… in the family way. I was supposed to start my period today, but I was late again, for the fourth time and I panicked so hard. Do you fancy a biscotti? The waiter is coming for us.”

Indeed, the waiter, a very handsome, peppy fellow named Giacomo, came to our table to take our orders. When he left, I found it time to ask the million dollar question.

“Have you any idea who the father is?” I asked.

“Actually, I’m pretty sure of it.”

“Good! Who is it then?”

“Alright, I’ll tell you. Please don’t be completely horrified and shocked and disgusted by me…”

“Of course not. Who is it?”

She lowered her voice and leaned in closer. At first, I didn’t understand what she was saying.


She whispered it again, seemingly quite embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, who?”


I didn’t realise at first who she was talking about. But then, albeit slowly, the penny dropped.

“NOBBY? Nobby Dietrich is the father of your possibly unborn child?” I gasped, totally unaware of how loud I had said it. Luckily, no-one had heard it.

“Will you be quiet?” said Laura, blushing a bright red. “Yes, Nobby.”

“How the hell did that happen?”

“Well, I shall better come clean then. I had a very torrid summer fling with him.”

“Really? Derek? I thought he wasn’t one for summer flings?”

“Turns out, he is. It started at the end of the year party, before the summer. He was a tad drunkish and flirty with me, and I reciprocated, seeing as… yeah, I kinda love him. I took him home that night, and he stayed on the couch. The next morning, he managed to seduce me into bed. How he did that, I still can’t figure out. And you can take that look of your face now.”

I realised that my face was contorted in a mix of surprise and shock. “Oh, right, sorry. So, what happened next?”

“We started seeing each other more often, and it always ended in boinking. Sorry to be so crude, but that’s what it was. Hot, sweaty, nasty boinking. Then, one night, he told me he was falling in love with me, and that he couldn’t cope with that. That’s why he moved to South-Africa.”

“Wait, you knew he moved to South-Africa? Why did you pretend you didn’t?”

“For fear of this coming out in the open. For fear of judgement by you.”

“What? I’d never judge you! You’re my best friend!”

“And so was Derek. I just thought you’d find it weird.”

“Well, I can’t hide the fact that I do find it weird, but I would have been supportive! You’re both very dear to me, and I would love for nothing more than you two to be very happy.”

Laura sighed deeply. “Believe me, I would love that too. I miss him. I haven’t heard from him since he left and I’m so worried. I don’t know his phone number, but I’ve been dying to hear his voice. Dying to see his face.”

“Does he have Skype?”

“Not that I know of. Anyway, I don’t know if he wants to see me. Best to leave it like that.”

I suddenly felt determined. Seeing Laura so heartbroken and in trouble was agony for me, and I wanted to help her.

“I will most certainly not leave it like that! If you want Nobby, I’ll bloody well make sure you get him. I’ll just have to figure out how. Meanwhile, if you need my help in any aspect of your pregnancy, just ring me, nudge me or text me.”

“That’s really kind of you, Reed, but don’t you have a boyfriend and a career and a life and such?”

“I’m sure James will be helpful as well. And don’t worry. My life can wait.”

“Thanks. So. On to happier stuff. How are things between you and James?”

“Good. Starting to get quite steamy. I shall say no more.”

“Have you done the deed yet?”

“Does it matter?”

“Come on Reed. Indulge a possibly pregnant woman, why don’t you?”

“Laura! Well… no, actually.”

“Oh? Why not?”

“We have done some intimate stuff, but not sex yet. I’m afraid for a divine interruption.”

“What? Iddo? How many times must I tell you that first of all, it was an accident, and second, he has no power over you! You decide who you sleep with and who you give your heart to.”

“Tell that to my subconsciousness. Aw, Laura, I’m shit-scared of having sex again!”

“Don’t be. It’s going to be fabulous and he’s going to give you a blinder of an orgasm.”

“How do you know that?”

“Optimism. And the fact that you actually texted me THIS IS THE BEST ORGASM I EVER HAD, SERIOUSLY, after he went down on you the first time.”

“Oh, right, I did that. Listen, I’ve got to go back to school. Are you coming back any time soon?”

“I need a little time for myself, so I’m taking leave of absence for the time being. But I’ll be back before you know it.”

“When do you want to take the test?”

“Tonight. No point in postponing it. Can I do it at your place?”

“Yeah, sure. Come over whenever.”

We said our goodbyes and I left with my non-eaten biscotti in my purse.


Laura arrived at my house at eight o’clock. James had kindly agreed to not be there, to give us some girly privacy. I opened the door to find her shaking.

“Are you alright?” I asked, worried about the state of my possibly pregnant best friend?

“What, me? I’m dandy, it’s this weather that’s getting to me! Fucking cold outside.”

She walked into the living room and put her stuff down. From her satchel, she produced a little bag from Boots. “Here it is.” she said, taking out the pregnancy test. She handed it over to me.

PREDICT-EAZE. “Why does this remind me of Anal-Eaze?”

“Don’t get me started, Reed. It was the only one I could find. Now, if you would be so kind as to read me the instructions?”

I read the back of the box, and told Laura that she had to pee on the stick, and wait for it to turn either red or blue. Red was not pregnant, blue was pregnant.

Laura took the test and disappeared into my bathroom. When she reemerged, she was holding the stick in her hand, trembling a bit.

“It’s going to be a blue line. I can tell it.” she said.

“No matter what it is, it will be alright.”

“But I’m not prepared for a baby! I’m not even maternal!”

“You’re a teacher, you must be a little maternal?”

“Not in the least. Oh, that’s the minute gone then. I can’t bare to look.”

“Bite the bullet.”

Laura quickly looked at the test and sighed heavily when she saw the results.

“Positive. Obviously. Well, I’m having Nobby’s baby, that’s for sure.”

I grabbed her and held her tightly. “It’ll be alright. Are you going to keep it?”

“Yes. It might not bring me any closer to Derek, but at least I’ll have part of him with me.”

“We’ll find him. I promise.”

And I meant every word of it.

Red part 16

16: Pretty Fucking Perfect

I had trouble waking up the next morning. It was ridiculously early, seeing as it was a school day, and all I wanted was to stay in bed. Especially because there was a sexy man lying next to me.

After what seemed like hours of snuggling up in the warm water, he helped me get out of the bath, seeing as my legs were still a little shaky. Ever the gentleman, he had dried me off, and I had done the same for him. He giggled when I dried off his crotch. Apparently, the towel tickled him. I decided, there and then, that I found his giggle fucking adorable.

We spooned on the couch, naked, with only a blanket covering our modesty. He fed me popcorn, whilst we watched television. I really don’t remember what we watched, seeing as James constantly tried to distract me with his kisses.

We had retreated to my bedroom for snuggles and sleep. And that is where I found myself this morning. In bed, next to James. Who’s erection was pressing against my back.

I wearily looked at the clock, which was hell-bent on getting me out of bed, with a noisy and monotone ring.

I could feel James stir next to me.

“Shit. What time is it?” he murmured in what apparently was his morning voice.

“Six o’clock. School day.”

His reaction was an exaggerated groan, which had me giggling.

“I don’t want to get up! I want to stay here, where it’s warm and comfortable.”

“Me too. However, it seems like your soldier wants to come out and play…”

“My soldier?” he said, slightly confused by my comment. Then, he noticed it.

“Oh, right, my cock! Yeah… that tends to happen in the morning.”

“How do you solve that?”

“Cold shower helps. Loo visit. Sometimes I just wank. Can’t really do much about it other than that. Have you never seen a guy with morning wood?”

“Ehm… no, actually. Not that I can remember. It’s pretty cool to see though.”

He grinned. “Do you… do you want to touch it?”

“Need I remind you of the time? We can’t be late and we certainly can not play hookie from our jobs. We’re not teenagers anymore.”

“But you want to touch it, don’t you?”

“It’s too early for teasing.”

“Admit it. You’re very tempted. Come on. Be a good girl and tell me. Do you want to touch my cock?”

I sighed deeply. “Yes, James. I want to touch your cock. I want to lick it, suck it, jerk it, fuck, ride it, even. But there is a time and place for everything.”

“You want to ride it? Tell me how.” he said. He moved his hand towards his erect member and started gently stroking it. I gave him the sternest look I could muster up, but it was no use. He grinned like a loon, while he pleasured himself.

“Go on, Reed. Verbally ride me. Indulge me in some aural sex.”

“But I’m not …” I managed to say, before he placed a finger across my lips to shut me up.

“Yes, you are. If I can be good at fingering, you can be good at dirty talk. I promise I won’t laugh.”

“Alright. Challenge accepted.” I said, slightly defeated by his verbal skills. He should talk, he’s the master of dirty words!

He lay back and closed his eyes, whilst he continued to stroke himself.

“You like that?” I started, feeling very exposed and insecure. He moaned in response. I hoped it was a good moan. “Yeah, you like that… don’t you, you… dirty boy?” It was more of a question than actual dirty talking, but it worked.

“Yes.” he breathed. Suddenly, I had a burst of confidence. So, I continued.

“Are you thinking about me? Think about me. Think about me sucking that gorgeous cock of yours. Yeah, feels good, doesn’t it?”

It was like I had cast a magic spell on him with my increasingly dirty words. He swallowed and sighed a contented “So good.”

But how could I improve on this?

“Now, imagine me, lowering my wet self down on your cock. Good, isn’t it? You want me to ride you, don’t you? You’ve been waiting so long, I can only imagine how your dick strains at the mere sight of me.”

Where was this coming from? I could only imagine it was from the dirty netherdepths of my devious soul. Or did it stem from my own desire for him?

His hips bucked forwards, as if he was thrusting deep inside me.

“Fuck, tell me more.” he hissed.

“Ehm… can you feel me? Do you want to be inside me? Ah yes, you want to be inside me, don’t you? Do you?” I said, suddenly desperate to know.

“Yes, oh God, Reed, I want to be inside you. Warm…wet.. fuck, that’s good. Oh Reed…”

He slurred all his words into one great big confession of his evident arousal for me. He was going to come soon, and I wanted nothing more than to bring him home.

“Come for me, James.”

To my own surprise, he shook his head. “No! Too soon!” he panted.

“What? No, not at all. James, if you need to come, just come!”

“Fuck… no, not yet!”

“James… come for me. Just let go. You can.” I said, nuzzling his neck, a sensitive spot for him, and kissing it. “It’s alright.”

He moaned loudly and his hips bucked wildly. His breath was abnormally fast.

“Oh God, I can’t take it… I’m going to come, Reed.” he stuttered.

“That’s good. You can come, I’ll be watching. Giving marks out of ten.” I added, for laughs. He tried to chuckle but it turned into an agonising grunt. He came, his hot seed spilling out onto his chest. It lasted for what felt like ages.

When his orgasm finally receded, he collapsed, breathing heavily.

“Are you alright?” I asked, slightly concerned about the pile of man in bed next to me.

“Peachy.” he said, sticking his thumb up.

“That seemed very intense.”

“It was. Trust me, it was. Reed, did you see what you do to me? You drive me insane with your voice and your words and your body, your gorgeous body.”

“Do I really have that kind of power over you?” I said, taking a few tissues from the box next to my bed and cleaning the spunk from his chest.

“You have. You’ve bewitched me. And I seem to have done the same to you. Or am I mistaking?”

“No. No, you’re not. Shit, I never knew how sticky spunk can be.”

He chuckled. “Taste it.”

“But I know how it tastes. I blew you, remember?”

“Yeah, but I want to see you taste it.”

“Alright. What’s the harm.”

I searched his chest for a stray bead and rubbed it with my finger. Then, without hesitation, I licked my finger clean.

“How is it?” he asked, with an amused smile on his face.

“Good. Not really something I would put on a sandwich for breakfast, but it has its merits.”

He broke out in laughter. His laugh was pretty infectious, so he soon had me joining in with him.

All in all, this moment could be described as “pretty fucking perfect”.

Were it not for my cellphone suddenly emitting the sound of The Doctor’s TARDIS materialising…

“I should take that.” I said, trying to stop myself from choking on my laughter.

“Who could be calling you at six-thirty in the morning?”

I checked the screen. The name “Laura” flashed on it.

“It’s Laura.”

I took the call.


“Reed? I’m in deep shit.” sobbed Laura. She was, quite obviously so, upset and crying.

“What? How are you in deep shit?”

“I’m not sick. I’m not sick at all, there is nothing wrong with me.”

“But why are you feeling sick all the time?”

“I think I’m pregnant.”

I nearly dropped my cellphone. But I managed to say: “Meet me at Sarios during lunch hour. We’ll find a private corner and talk it over, alright? Don’t panic, you’re going to be fine.”

“Alright. I could use some help. Sarios during lunch hour. Alright.”

We said our goodbyes and I ended the call.

“What’s wrong?” said James, immediately worried by the expression on my face.

“Laura… she thinks she’s pregnant.”

“Wow. Shit. So, that should explain…”

“All the sick days, her tits getting bigger, her swollen stomach, yeah, that should explain it. Fuck, I’m worried. I can’t even try to guess who the father is, because I don’t know if she’s having sex.”

He did the hair-caressing thing again, which slightly relaxed me. “Babe, don’t worry. She probably doesn’t want you to worry. She needs you to be strong for her. And we’ll help her. Alright?”


How pretty fucking perfect was this….

Red part 15

15: Sudsy Sucker

“I feel like pouring us a glass of champagne and lighting some candles.”

James chuckled, as I joined him in the bath.

“That would be adding to the cliché, wouldn’t it? Still, it’s nice to have a relaxing bath. And the music is good too.”

I had plugged in my i-Pod docking station and put on some music for us to bathe by. Not that I have a special playlist for bathing or something, but music always adds to the mood, I think.

I settled myself in the bath, opposite James and the giant relaxed grin on his face.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you?” I said, splashing some water at him. He chuckled and splashed back.

“Who wouldn’t love sitting in a bath together with a gorgeous woman? It’s cosy, intimate and downright lovely. Plus, I get to see you naked again!”

“Cheeky! Come on, fess up. What’s good about me naked? What part or parts of my body do you like?”

“Well… I quite like your hair, for starters. Your eyes are luminescent. Love your little nose. I want to plant kisses on the tip of your nose. I love your lips. Love tasting them and touching them. Is that good?”

“Keep going.” I said, relaxing in the warm water and playing with bits of foam around me. I couldn’t help looking at him. He was so beautiful. I watched his mouth as he spoke. And all I could think about was those rosy lips and that devil tongue, flicking across my clit. I closed my eyes and shivered at the memory. I sank lower in the water.

“Let’s see… I like your neck. It’s so sensitive and loves to be kissed. I love your breasts. Oh God, I love your breasts. They’re absolutely beautiful. So round and delicately pale. Your nipples are cute too. And your belly. I’d love to suck something out of your cute little bellybutton. I like your bum too. I like… I like…”

He took a deep breath.

“I like spanking it. I don’t know why, with my own history and I’m so messed up and…”

“Shht. None of that here. This bath is a zone of positivity, let’s keep it like that. Tell me what else you like.”

“Your legs. Your thighs. I don’t mind the scars. In fact, I like them.”

I touched my scars under the surface of the water. I didn’t like them. They used to be badges of honor, showing off the pride I took in my submission. Now, they were just empty, meaningless red marks on lily-white skin.

“I really like them, Reed. You mustn’t be ashamed of them.”

“I’ve got scars on my cunt as well. Do you like them too? Do you like my cunt, James?”

He looked me straight in the eye and said: “Yes, I like your cunt. To be fair, I didn’t exactly notice the scars, seeing as I was too busy lapping up your sweet juices and giving you an earth-shatteringly good orgasm. Which I am more than happy to do again and again, because, frankly, Reed, I bloody love your cunt. Happy?”


“Good. Now, come here, so I can get you clean.”

I wiggled around in the bath, until I was sitting with my back to him. He took the loofah and asked me to bend a tad, so he could reach my back.

“What was going through your mind on Saturday?” he asked, as he gently rubbed soap into my waiting skin. “When you decided to give me the blowjob?”

“Lust. Greed. Hunger. Hunger for your cock. I just wanted to see it. Hold it in my hands and caress it. Take it in my mouth. Is that bad?”

“No. That’s good. What you felt… I feel that too. I’m so hungry for you, Reed.”

I lay back as he soaped my breasts and made my nipples stand to attention. The water dripped from my tits, to my stomach, over my mound, back in the bath. It was a heavenly sensation that I wanted to cherish for as long as possible. I let out a long moan and nearly, very nearly said : “Have me. I’m all yours.”

But my composure stood tall, even when he slid the loofah over my mound and down my slit, which was quite possibly wet. Traitor.

“How does that feel, Reed?” he asked me, with his voice low and growly.

“Don’t tease me. I don’t like that.”

He slipped one finger between my lips and gently stroked.

“Seems like you do, doesn’t it?”

“It’s the water, James.” I said, slightly annoyed.

He casually flicked the offending finger over my clit, which gave me a slight shock.

“Oh no, it isn’t.”

I could just feel him smirking. “James, please don’t. I genuinely don’t like being teased and I feel like you’re just trying to impress me with your sexual skills so you only have to give and not receive.”

Holy shit, what the hell did I just say? Well, the truth, I guess…

“Do you really feel that?” he said. From the tone of his voice, I couldn’t quite make out if he was either hurt or royally pissed off with me.

Turns out it was both.

“Reed, I seriously want to be intimate with you. And I’m fucking pissed that you won’t give me a chance. Let me do it my way, the way that I feel more comfortable, or else I’m seriously afraid that I won’t be able to give you any pleasure. If you don’t like teasing, alright, I get the message. Just let me… let me be myself a bit. I’m trying to get used to feeling lust and sexuality and all those things again, and I’m trying to get to know you and trust you at the same time. Cut me some slack, will you? This is all I know.”

I couldn’t see his face, and I was very happy he couldn’t see mine. I was a bit shaken. It stayed quiet for a while, until I decided that I should just listen to him. For now.


“Yes, Reed?”

“I think my cunt needs your fingers.”

I couldn’t believe I had uttered these very words, seeing as they sound so incredibly stupid.

But they had their effect…

“Does it now?” he said. His tone had changed from slightly angry, to very playful and deliciously growly. There he was, with the aural sex thing again…


“And do you want my fingers there? Be honest.”

“Yes. Play with me. But do me a favor and don’t take yourself so seriously.”

“I won’t. Promise. Last chance to back out.”

“No, I’m not backing out. Fuck, if you don’t move fast, I’ll put your hands there and make you rub me!”

He giggled, and slowly let his hand slide towards my slit. I instinctively tried to spread my legs a little more, as far as it was possible in my little bathtub. He petted my slit and let his fingers slide in between.

“Now, in the spirit of making us both comfortable, tell me how your day was.”

“What, whilst you’re frigging me?”

“Yeah, why not? I kinda wanna see how long you hold out.”

“Evil man. My day… let’s see. Not that exciting. The only exciting thing that happened to me was that a sexy man asked if he could come home with me.”

“Really? And who is this sexy man? Do I know him? Does that feel good, by the way?”

He had found my clit, after much probing, and gently petted it.

“Oh, I don’t know if you know him. He’s a solitary man, doesn’t have a lot of friends. And yes, that feels good. A little more pressure, if you like.”

Right away, I could feel him pressing a bit more, rubbing his fingers in an up and down motion. Or at least, I think that’s what he was doing. I couldn’t put my mind to what he was doing.

“Why do you think he’s a solitary man?”

“I don’t see him with a lot of other people. Maybe it’s because he’s new in town?”

“Could be. Could be because he doesn’t quite fit in with most of his colleagues.”

I felt tiny tingles of pleasure run through my body. Like little shocks to my system. I relaxed against his strong chest and concentrated on the warm water and his wandering fingers, playing me like a musical instrument.

“Mmm. And why doesn’t he fit in?” I asked him.

“Because he’s the outsider. He’s new and scary and quite popular with the students, and that puts them off.”

I let out a mighty moan, which prompted him to ask me: “Am I doing alright?”

I couldn’t answer. I could only moan. “Harder. Faster.”

He obeyed, and I felt his fingers move at an almost frenetic pace. For a moment, I felt bad for him, because this is a great set-up for a case of RSI, but my thoughts and worries merrily floated away on a cloud of ecstacy.

“But why do you like this stranger, Reed? What is it about him that attracts you?”

My breathing quickened and I could feel my belly fizz. It was running on high and I was afraid to come down.

“His…his… his fingers.” I panted. “He has amazing fingers.”

He chuckled to himself. I could hear him muttering: “I have amazing fingers. Who’d have known?”

Encouraged by my finger-related compliments, he sped up to an insane pace. I tried to concentrate, as I always end up doing when I veer towards orgasm. The scent of the lavender bubblebath, the feel of the kisses he was giving my neck, his free hand rubbing my belly…

It was no use. I could feel every muscle in my body tensing, the blood flowing back to where it belongs… I came, with little shocks and spasms, enough to make some water fly out of the tub.

I caught my breath and snuggled up against his chest.

“Don’t ever lie to me again.” I said softly.

“When did I lie to you?”

“When you told me you weren’t good at fingering. You’re fucking amazing at it.”

“Thank you. Do you want a hug?”

“Ehm… yes, actually. Go on, wrap those arms around me.”

He did. And it was the best feeling in the world.

Well, apart from that orgasm, of course…

Red part 14

14: I trust you

We didn’t talk much on the way home from the gym. Probably because it was such a scary, angst-laden subject and it wasn’t right talking about it in a taxi. I tried cheering him up, but truth be told, I had no clue as to how.

He took off home after we got back. I didn’t hear from him for the rest of the weekend.

Laura hadn’t shown up again, so I sat alone in the cafeteria. I didn’t have a lot of friends amongst my colleagues. I often doubted my likeability because of this, and it had given me moments of insecurity in the past. But now, I happily sat alone, on my seat by the window, munching on my chicken pastilla I bought on the way to school.

“Ehm… is this seat taken?”

I looked up into James’s beautiful eyes. He was smiling, thank God.

“No. You can sit here if you like.”

He put his lunch down and sat down on the empty chair. He pricked a piece of chicken on his fork and moved it towards his mouth, but then stopped.

“I needed time.” he then said. “Just some time to process… these new feelings I’m having. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I can’t seem to handle it. When I realised what you were doing, I became so scared. It was just too much.”

“You could have stopped me if you didn’t want it.”

Silence. Only the sound of teenage mouths stuffed full of chicken and mash.

“You must understand, I’ve been longing for this closeness for so long. Reed, I am sick with desire for you. I want you so much, it physically hurts me. And your lips, right there, at that moment… fuck, it was so arousing and so scary at the same time. I hate that I come too soon. I hate that everything in my life is so messed up. But at that moment, I had no choice. I needed to come. And I’m sorry for…”

“Did you enjoy the blowjob?”

He nodded.

“Did it make you feel good?”

He nodded again.

“Then, why are you sorry? James, I told you, you needn’t be sorry for something like that. Fuck, I don’t care if you come too soon. I won’t love you any less for it. Besides, if you let me, I might be able to help you. But you just need to gather the courage to talk to me about it. Or if you can’t… write it down and let me read it after school or something.”

“But you have your own problems. You have your own dark secrets and I can’t saddle you up with mine.”

The bell rang. The students cleared out of the cafeteria, and I looked James in his eyes.

“What happened to fighting our demons together?”

I stood up, took my plate and walked away from James.

And I prayed to Aphrodite that he would speak up.


The bell rang. The end of another colder, longer autumn afternoon. My students piled out of the class, and I started packing my stuff. I had planned a very big night in, on my own, watching everything I had recorded on my Sky Plus box. Since my Sky Plus box had content on it dating from way back in January, I knew I had a long night ahead of me…

The last of my students, a pretty, young brunette, waved a kind goodbye and scurried off to probably catch her bus.

I followed suit and quickly made my way to the school gates.

“Reed, wait up!”

Turning around, I saw James running towards me. He reached me at double speed. I was still amazed at how fast he could go.

“Do you mind if I come back to your place? Only, I… I missed you. I want to be close to you. And maybe then I can speak about…”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but I knew full well what he meant. Without speaking, I hooked my arm in his and walked with him to my place.


We shared a huge Hawaii pizza and chattered about our day. But then, I felt like it was time for him to speak up.

“Tell me about your father. What was he like?”

He sighed heavily.

“My dad was a cruel man. Impossible to live with. I think he was just raised in the wrong way, because his parents were also impossible and cruel. My nan was big on corporeal punishment, and my granddad was just downright offensive to everyone. My first memory of them is my nan telling my mum that I needed a good spanking, because I was being fidgety.”

“Did your grandparents ever beat you?”

“Not that I remember. They died when I was six. It nearly killed my dad to lose both his parents in such a short space of time. I think that’s what turned him into what he was. One day, he just turned on me.”

“And what happened?”

He turned his head away from me, like he was scared to look me in the eye whilst he told me his deepest secrets.

“He called me to his bedroom. Said I was a disgusting young boy, because I had been playing in the muck. He… he pulled my pants down and bent me over his knee. Took off his belt… and he… he… shit.”

I took his hand in my hand. Tried to reassure him. “It’s alright. If you’re not comfortable, you don’t have to.”

“But I want to. He just hit me with it, on my arse, on my back, on my legs… I was bleeding so hard. Worst thing was, he showed immediate remorse and took care of my wounds after that. He wasn’t so remorseful the next time.”

“When did he hit your thighs?”

He took a sip of his drink, to moisten his drying throat. I felt bad for making him tell me all of this. But I hoped it helped him, at least a little bit.

“When I was 14. He… he caught me… He caught me masturbating.”

“What? He was angry at you for masturbating?”

“To him it was a sin. A man’s member was only to be used for procreation, not for pleasure. So, he hit my thighs. With every intention of… of hitting my penis.”

I nearly suffocated on my drink. “Hitting your penis? What kind of twisted…”

“I should say that he didn’t get the chance. My mum caught him. Threw him out of the house. She tried to convince me that sex and masturbation were two things that people enjoyed and that sex wasn’t only for procreation.”

“Did you have therapy for it?”

“Yes. Loads. My confidence was shattered and it showed when I got my first taste of sex. This girl, who I didn’t really like, but apparently fancied me, dragged me into the men’s room at a party, and gave me a blowjob. I was so excited, I came in two minutes flat. She apparently thought it was pathetic and told her friends. The next Monday, I came to school with a new nickname.”

“Dare I ask?”

“Spaff Boy.” he said, sighing heavily. “Scarred me for life. I thought I was cursed. I told my psychiatrist and she said that ejaculating really fast the first time you do something like that is quite normal, but I kept having it.”

“Maybe it’s just because of your mindset? Do you have it when you have actual sex?”

“Sometimes. I wouldn’t know if it’s improved, I haven’t had sex in forever.”

“How come?”

“My last girlfriend thought my scars were quite funny. So, I shut down completely.”

“But let me ask you this. Why did you give me oral? And why did you let me give you a blowjob? And, another thing, why did you let me touch your scars?”

“I gave you oral… to impress you, I guess. I’m not that particularly great at the fingering thing, and I am really fucking awesome at oral, if I may say so myself. I let you give me a blowjob because… because I wanted it so bad. Believe me, I was scared out of my fucking mind. I always wince when somebody touches my thighs. But oh my word, you are so mind-blowingly amazing at sucking cock. I couldn’t help letting you. And I trust you. I trust you enough to touch my scars and to do something intimate with me.”

I smiled. Having his trust was nice.

“First of all, smug much?” I said, which made him giggle. “Second, fuck, I wanted it bad too. I want more, even. And third… thank you for trusting me. Though we haven’t known each other very long.”

“That’s true. But I feel… strangely safe when I’m with you. I don’t know why, but you have a comforting presence. I like… no, I love being around you. Being with you.”

“I love being with you as well. But to tell you the truth, I’m fucking scared out of my mind. Scared to hurt you and scared to get hurt. Scared to…”

“Kill me? Alice Reed Sullivan, you didn’t kill Iddo. He just didn’t know when to stop. He pushed his limits too far. It was a terrible accident.”

I could feel tears brewing, and soon, they started flowing freely. 

“Babe, don’t cry.” he said, standing up and hugging me.

“I don’t trust myself around men! I can’t make love to a man without seeing Iddo’s lifeless face in front of me. That blowjob was the only time I managed to… not see that!”

“But isn’t that a good thing? Maybe it doesn’t happen with me, maybe you feel comfortable enough to be intimate with me?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know. I’d love to actually be able to have sex with you, but I’m so afraid I might lock up completely.”

“And I’m afraid I might come too soon and accidentally jizz in your eye or something stupid like that. But we can beat all that, I think. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re quite good together.”

“Both messed up and sexually awkward?” I said, laughing weakly. He playfully spanked me on my bum as an answer.

“I mean that we mesh. I realise I’m sounding incredibly clichéed but it seems to ring true.”

“So you think that we’re a big cliché?”


“Just kidding.”

I pulled him closer and pressed my lips against his. I tend to forget how good his lips are. This was a happy reminder. Coming down from this kiss made me feel quite bad.

“Ugh, I feel disgusting. I could use a bath.”

“I could run you one, if you like. Actually, I could use one myself.”

This put an idea into my head.

“Why don’t you join me? We could talk. Laugh. Soap each other up.”

“That sounds nice. Very nice.”

So he went to run me a bath….


Red part 13

13: Shower

“Upstairs” turned out to be huge. There was a wall-to-wall mirror, quite possibly to entertain the muscle-men during their early morning work-outs. A few punching bags, a boxing ring, tribunes, everything to cater to the Ricky Hattons of this world.

“I’ll go change. You just wait here.” said James, before retreating to the changing rooms. I sat down on the ground against the boxing ring and took out my sketchbook. The last picture I drew was one of him, lying in bed, with only sheets covering his modesty. I had never seen him naked, though. And on that occasion, he was wearing his boxers. I just took a little artistic liberty…

I was dying to see him naked. Run my fingers over every inch of that stunning body. But, for now, Gym-Kit James would do. He had changed as briskly and efficiently as only he could and had re-entered the room, smiling.

“I can’t believe I get to show off in front of you.” he said, walking up to me and crouching down to face my grinning self.

“Am I stroking your ego now?” I said, chuckling, but secretly thinking about stroking something other than his ego.

“Yeah, you are. Feels kinda nice.”

He stroked my face and gave me a little kiss before walking towards the punching bag.

For the next hour, I watched in awe, the silence in the room being punctured by his rapid hits and occasional grunts. He was so good, I almost forgot to sketch. In the end, I just took out my camera. I had to capture this moment of perfect athleticism before it was too late. 

He wasn’t even tired. He sat down on the ground and did a series of sit-ups, which I naturally caught on camera. 

After the sit-ups, he sat down next to me and took a sip of my bottle of water. 

“So? Like what you’re seeing?” he panted, letting some water drip down his chin and his neck. God, that was sexy…

“Ehm, yeah, it was pretty cool.” I murmured, very distracted by where that water was headed. “Took some great shots of you in action.”

“Yeah, I saw you in action with your camera. You must have really liked it.”

“You’re really good. So. Will you show me your fancy mixed martial arts moves now?” 

“Will you show me your flashy salsa moves?” he teased, his head dropping onto my shoulder. 

“I don’t have flashy salsa moves, James. If I come into possession of some, I shall let you know! Go on, show me your moves!” 

He stood up and gave me back my water bottle. Then, he took on that stance I’ve seen him do before. That defensive fighter stance that made him quite intimidating at first. What followed was a series of precise movements that blew me away. He was a fighter. One of the purest, most beautiful fighters I had ever seen.

After doing a bit of posing for my camera, James disappeared into the showers. I stayed behind to look at some of the work I had done. Flicking through the sketches and the photo’s, I realised it was no use. I had to do something about the increased lust I felt for James. The need to feel his dick in any possible way was too big.

I snuck into the changing rooms, which were empty, thank God. The adrenalin rush of what I was going to do was very evident. So evident, I accidentally gave myself a headache.

I waited behind the door, until I heard James’s now familiar footsteps. He walked into the room, with only a towel covering his modesty. Right where I wanted him.

He turned around and looked directly at me. He studied me, with a curious glint in his eye.

“Reed? What are you doing here?”

I stalked towards him, confident in stride and, for the first time, confident in heart. Without saying a word, I pulled his face close to mine and claimed his lips for a slow, intense kiss. He tasted like showers and chocolate-scented shower gel.

“Reed…” he breathed softly. I closed my eyes and relished the way he said my name, the cadence of his accent and the tone of his voice. “What are you doing?”

“Just playing around a bit. Hope you don’t mind.” I said innocently, before I pushed him against a wall. He hissed on impact, but it was soon mollified by another deep kiss, one that had him moaning. Music to my ears.

I kissed my way down to his neck, where I lingered for a few seconds, placing a lovebite on the soft flesh. He took a sharp breath.

“Are you being naughty?” he said, whilst he tried to focus his breathing.

“I’ve passed naughty. I’m downright filthy now.” I chuckled, continuing my path of kisses towards his wet chest and his cute nipples. I flicked my tongue over them at first, but couldn’t resist grazing them with my teeth.

“Oh!” he whimpered. “Jesus, Reed… what are you up to?”

“You’ll see.” I said, looking at him, every bit the innocent angel. My next move was to pull away the towel. Now, I was a bit nervous for this, seeing as I hadn’t exactly seen his dick yet.

But I had nothing to worry about. His dick looked as good as it felt. It stood proudly erect. I could see a little glistening drop of pre-cum dripping from his cockhead.

“Are you going to suck my cock?” said James, with an unexpected quiver in his voice.


I made the mistake of looking up at him right there and then. His face was a mixture of so many things, but mostly anxiety and lust. Unbelieveable. And I thought I was the neurotic one in this relationship.

“I’m scared, Reed.” he whispered. I wondered why? It was me who should be scared! I hadn’t done this in ages.

“Don’t be.” I said, smiling at him, hopefully reassuringly. “Don’t be scared.”

I touched his cock, carefully. Swirling the drop of pre-cum around the head. Tentatively licking it up. I could feel him shivering. Next, I slowly licked up and down the shaft. He was cut. I quite liked that.

But he shivered again.

I pulled away. “Alright, either you’re really enjoying this, or there is something that you are not telling me. Fess up, Hunter.”

“I… I tend to… I’m not that great at… I kinda…” he stuttered.

“What? Just tell me, I won’t laugh!”

“I don’t do well during blowjobs. In the sense that… oh Jesus, I just come too soon. There, I said it.”

It took me a while to process the words. All the while, I was staring at his cock. Glorious, long and proud it stood, waiting for me to touch it.

“Is it because it’s been a long time? Or is that just in general?” I finally said.

“In general. But I think it might be terrible now. It’s been so long. Reed, you shouldn’t do it. You’ll only laugh at me being pathetic.”

I looked him in the eyes. And decided that I should do it. I wanted to, I needed to wrap my lips around that cock.

So I did it. I could hear him whispering apologies in advance. But as my licks sped up, his words turned into moaning. He grabbed my hair and entangled his fingers in it, pushing my head forward on to his cock. He was guiding me, wordlessly telling me how he wanted to be blown.

My left hand followed the movements of my mouth and stroked his cock.

“Jesus Reed, that feels brilliant.” he whispered breathlessly. “Keep going.”

Spurred on by his comments, I began sucking and stroking harder. His hips bucked in time with me and I could just tell that he was trying with all his might not to come to soon.

But his efforts were in vain. He had to let go. He came in hot spurts, which I felt hitting the back of my throat. I had forgotten what cum tastes like. His was nice.

As soon as he came down from his orgasm, the apologies recommenced.

“I’m so sorry, babe.” he said, close to tears apparently. He sank down to the ground. “I couldn’t help it, it was so good.”

I sat down next to him and pulled him closer. It was weird seeing him so vulnerable like that. Big, bad, tough James Hunter reduced to the size of a little pebble. I felt so bad for him.

I looked him in the eye and said: “You needn’t apologise. Never apologise for something you enjoyed. Baby, I don’t mind. I don’t mind if you take five seconds, five minutes, or five bleeding hours. Actually, five hours is a spec much, but let’s not go there.”

He let out a faint laugh, which pleased me. “James, if you want to talk about this, I’ll listen. I don’t judge. I’m your girlfriend, for fuck’s sake, you can talk to me about this.”

“And I want to. But I can’t. I feel blocked. Dad always told me to repress my emotions and that I was bad if I cried and that he’d hit me if I did…” he said, shaking.

“James, be honest with me. Did he hit you?”


He then spread his legs for me to see. I couldn’t believe I missed them. Huge red marks on his inner thighs. He showed me his back, which had one big scar on it.

“Can I touch them?” I said softly.

He didn’t move for a while. Just sat there, breathing.

“Yes. You can touch them. I trust you.”

I placed my finger on a random red scar and traced it. For an outsider, it must have been an odd sight. A naked man, with wide open legs and a fully clothed woman, touching his thigh.

But to me, and to him, it was something intimate. More intimate than sex. I felt very close to James right now.

One day, I’ll bare all for you. I’ll show you my scars. We’ll fight our battles together. But for now, we’ll just cuddle. Cos that seems like the right thing to do.