The Boys Club

So, you all know that aside from being a blogger, I also write smutty stories.

By weird coincidence, these stories do get published, and I do get to do the promo thing.

This is my way of telling you that I’m gonna do a promo thing right now.

Because, tah-dah!


The Boys Club has hit the digital shelves!

This is the second story I did for Naughty Nights Press (third, if you count Lindi Hop, which was a free read) and I genuinely love working with them. They very kindly published my first story, late last year, for which I am eternally grateful, because it gave me a pretty awesome start.

So, The Boys Club. Eleven authors, twelve saucy M/M stories, for you to enjoy. Mine is a sizzling (literally) story called Heat of The Desert. It’s about a couple from London who manage to get themselves lost in the desert on a road trip through the States. Of course, sexy (and very dusty) desert sex occurs. I will say no more… (but it involves the hood of a car…)

I’d say, go and buy it, because… well, because I am very proud of my story, and in very good company. If you’re not convinced yet, Romance in Review has reviewed us!




Eleven authors – twelve naughty male-on-male stories that will bring you to your knees.

Join the authors and find out just what happens – what only exclusive members are privileged to see – in “The Boys Club”

Our author’s kinky characters tell all about the sexual escapades they partake of within the pages of The Boys Club in their individual gay male stories.



Fanboys – Stella Harris
Room For Two – J.S. Morbius
Getting Fit – Abby Hayes
Irish Sea – Rachel Carling
Daemonic Desires – Eve
Race Day – A Boy’s Club Initiation – Cassandre Dayne
A Night at San Gregorio Beach – Pablo Michaels
Opposites Attract – J.S. Morbius
Heat Of The Desert – Jill Boyd
The Night I Learned Chemistry – Garland
Panties in a Bunch – BLMorticia
The Bigger The Bill, The Bigger The Thrill – Logan Zachary


Where to buy…

All Romance E-Books


May The Strummer Be With You

~ London Calling, to the underworld
Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls~


I’ve packed. Things are charged, batteries are in stuff and stuff’s been done. I’ve got business cards, sun block and all that.
Ladies, gents and assorted lovely folk… I’m going to the London.
Not only am I going to the London, I’m going to the London during the fucking Jubilee weekend. Which I didn’t actually realize until a few weeks back. And which makes me extremely wary about going about my business this week.
To anyone not into all the jubilation, avoid The Mall like fuck on Monday, when the concert for the Queen is taking place.
Unless you want to heckle Gary Barlow, in which case, TOTALLY go.
So, how am I going to keep you lovely people in the loop about my adventures?
Simple. I am going to take my laptop (from now on known as Steve, like everything else in my house) with me. There are also computers at the place I’m staying, so if Steve refuses to work, I shall give them a try.
To make up for the absence, here is a random.
See you later,  Godspeed, may the odds be ever in your favor, keep dancing…
And may the Strummer be with you.
London, here I come!


Right. I don’t want to really skirt around this, so I’ll start off the bat.

I’m changing my name!

There. I said it. Phew, that feels good.



  • I will be changing it to Jillian Boyd.
  • My Twitter handle will still be @JillyBoyd, and you’re more than welcome to still call me Jilly.

So, why the change? Well, because first of all, I need a change. More than ever, I feel the need for a fresh start, in both writing and blogging. So expect some major changes on this blog too.

Second, I’ve liked this name for a while now. It just sits better with me than Jilly as a name. Plus, it doesn’t sound like I’m trying to emulate Jilly Cooper (or at least it doesn’t to me). Jilly’s much better as a nickname.

Third, as Holly/Cliff Pervocracy puts it in her post , I like the idea of a chosen name.

And fourth…. I want it.

Also not unlike Holly/Cliff, I’ve been dealing with the whole “Should I Really Want Stuff” thing. But, in short, I decided that I should. Lady Laid Bare wants a new start, and so do I.

I’ve seen many people being brave enough to change their names in the past few months. Beau became Mia again, Lady Grinning Soul transformed (like the beautiful butterfly she is) to Harper Eliot, and (amazingly enough) Amie Wee had the chotspe to change her display name to Queen Ejizzabeth.

And since that name is now taken… 😉

So, say hello to Jillian Boyd. I’m still 21, I’m still from teh Belgiums and I’m still a writer/blogger/randomist who wants to make people laugh.

It’s still me. But the name makes me happier. 

(author’s note: as I said, you can totally still call me Jilly. But I am fully intending on publishing and writing under Jillian.)

Now, here is a thing.

Look deep into the owl.

e[lust] #32

e[lust] #32





lady grinning soul - january
Photo courtesy of Lady Grinning Soul

Welcome to e[lust], the sex blog round-up- The best posts from the hottest and smartest sex bloggers all in one place! This edition highlights topics such as libido, fake orgasms, teenage lust, voyeurism, BDSM consent and so much more. Want to be included in e[lust] #33? Start with the rules, come back in February to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

 ~ The Top Three Posts ~

 Assent Matters by SherynBFind your emotional power to recognize and say “no” to what you don’t want BEFORE you get naked and tied up and give up your actual physical power to walk away to anybody.

Forever The Night‘Why the hell shouldn’t I listen? This is my home, my bedroom after all’. So I do listen and I do feel myself twitch at every minute sound on the other side of that fucking wall.

Hands. Fingers. Pleasure.This was the first time a boy’s fingers had such unfettered access to my pussy. Prior gropings under and through clothes had never been like this.

 ~ e[lust] Editress ~

 The Fake Orgasm: You think you know, but you have no ideaI am 34 and I have faked orgasms. There ya have it. But I have never and will never qualify doing so as “I did it for him”.

~ Featured Post (Picked by Lilly) ~

 Sadie Says… AwakeIn the haze of my missing libido I also lost myself. I began to wonder if I remembered who the hell I was?

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!


Tits and Thanks

To all the readers that have stuck with me from the beginning, or joined in along the way… and to all that joined on this journey in the past few days… I want to thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my filthy heart. I hope you stick with me.

Please accept the humble gift of this picture as a token of my thanks.

The blog is one year old next month, by the way! 15th of February, I’ll be celebrating. Tell me how you want us to celebrate one year Laid Bare, and I might just do it….

Thank you. Thank you for everything.


Keep Strong

On the one hand, a libertine. A budding slut with a glint in her eye and a bounce in her step. She knows what to say, when to say. And she bloody loves a good flirt.

Combine with that a young woman who knows what she wants in life, and is working damn hard to get it on track. She wants her writing career to blossom, and is willing to work hard for it.

Sounds like a winning package right?

I couldn’t be further removed from her today.

I try keeping strong. Emerging myself in writing projects, tweeting like my arse was on fire, and trying to keep this blog maintained.

But when you wake up to the news that your dad, in his Alzheimer-induced confusion, has hit a passer-by with his car…

I have absolutely zilch of a clue as to why I’ve not retreated to my room and curled up in my duvet for the rest of the day. And I don’t know why I haven’t yet booked an appointment with a physical therapist to reduce the strain on my neck that this overwhelming stress is giving me.

It’s days like this that I just can’t bring myself to write something about sex. No, days like this make me want to go sit in a corner and go on strike from life.

Do you know what the worst part is?

In the weird, meta-sort of world that is Stately Boyd Manor, we only need about four hours for a situation like this, however freaky and fucked up, to settle down.

Sure, there is a lingering note of tenseness in the house. As we speak, my mum is relaying the entire story to her sister on the phone, in a weird sort of calmth. Tomorrow, she’ll have put this behind her, because of another day full of things.

I meanwhile, am trying to keep my cool. This is my therapy. My coping mechanism.

I’ve been searching for rooms in Cardiff the entire day. Writing here and there. Doing a little bit of promo for Doing the Naughty List…

But I imagine that this façade will crumble in the next few days. It takes me a ridiculously long time to process things. My nan died nearly ten years ago, and it wasn’t until two years ago that I could finally cry about it.

But I need to keep strong. I owe it to myself.

Are You on The Naughty List?

So, loyal readers of this blog know that I have recently had the honor of being published for the first time. And I thought I’d take this opportunity to shamelessly pimp the book I’m a part of.

This is the blurb:

Is your name on Santa’s Naughty List this year?

 If you don’t think you’ve quite made it there yet…then now is the perfect time to crawl into “Doing The Naughty List, Twice” and enjoy a Holiday Themed Erotic Ménage Anthology by the authors of Naughty Nights Press!

 Tis the season of joy, happiness, giving…invitations to holiday parties…lust, kinky behavior and wicked sexual delights!

 Join our eight naughty authors as they tempt and tease your body and mind with eight holiday ménage stories to add to your wish list this year!

And this is my synopsis:

Jill Boyd – Stockings and Santa


Matthew and Scarlett are a happily married couple, but their seasonal bliss is haunted by the memory of the death of Scarlett’s mother, on a Christmas day. So, every Christmas, Scarlett changes into a slip of her former self, mourning her beloved mother and thinking of what could have been. Matt can’t take seeing his wife so glum, so he decides to give her a gift beyond her wildest imagination. Only problem is, he can’t figure out what. Scarlett makes a throwaway comment about getting her either a pair of stockings or a threesome. So, Matt decides to get them both. After a phone call from Matt’s friend Ben, things go into warp speed, and Ben is soon at their door, staying over for Christmas. During a night of fun and drinks, things get frisky.

In the morning, Matt is surprised to wake up to the sound of laughter on Christmas Day, and finds Scarlett in the living room, with a smile on her face. She thanks him for making her happy and hugs him. The three of them then open presents and Scarlett is delighted to find a pair of stockings underneath the tree. She thanks Matt again, and Ben calls him a ‘Superman with a nice cock’. This effectively rekindles the fire from the previous night and soon, the three of them trek back to the bedroom, for a very naughty Christmas indeed.

I am, of course, in the presence of seven other very talented writers and their naughty tales of holiday fun.

They are:

Cassandre Dayne with Twisted Christmas

Elizabeth Lister with A Christmas Masquerade

Eden Conner with Cum, They Told Me

Rowan Elizabeth with Watching in a Winter Wonderland

Willow Leigh with Christmas at the Cabin

Kendel Davi with Umoja Means Unity

Daddy XMas with An Undercover Christmas


If your interest is piqued, you can buy your own shiny copy at AllRomanceEbooks. I think it’s available on the Kindle too, but I can’t seem to find the link. So, if you want to make your Christmas a bit naughty, buy “Doing the Naughty List, Twice”. And show the Naughty List crew some love.


Birthday Belles and Bellos

So… I’d like to dedicate this post to everyone who was kind enough to drop me a… well an anything for my birthday. I haven’t got a picture of myself to give yet though. So bear with me.

Here follows a list of thank yous.


For sending me a picture of your absolutely lovely cock, and being the first to respond, thank you!

Ms Wyeth Bailey

Your lovely legs made my day. And for that, I thank you.

Cooper Beckett

You absolutely naughty person who I never want to stop being naughty. Thanks for the little clip!

Innocent Loverboy

Many a good moment will be spent with the film clip you sent me. Thanks love!


Cor, you’re hot! And you have the most lovely reading voice, so thanks for that clip and the seriously sexy pic.

Jack and Jill

Thanks for everything 🙂


Thanks for knowing that I’m a total tit-woman 😀


Wow. If that tape was an actual thing, I’d lock myself in my room with it. And.. yeah, never leave it, I guess! Thanks!


Rockin’ the boyshorts! Thanks love! Today, we take over Twitter, tomorrow Wales!


You know I can’t resist that gorgeous pussy of yours. And my name, written on your thigh, of course. Thanks to you and DomSigns for being such wonderful friends!

Liza Bennet

What a wonderful, touching and tender story! I hope to be your friend for a long time to come and that you will continue to inspire Tim and Jem’s adventure in the new year.

Annie Player


Just saying.


Thanks for what you sent me. It was appreciated, mulled upon and will be stocked in my brainbox for further use in certain situations.

Also… my God, man. You’re hot.


Thanks for the pictures! You and the Minch make an irresistible two-some. And more coherent thoughs will be possibly sent to your inbox when I can think of them.

Thanks to you and your girl for being AWESOME by the way.

Curvaceous Dee

*tacklesnoghugkisspetsmoochlick* Who can resist a girl who pleasures herself with my name on her finger…

And thanks for the Minch clip! You, me and Smutty should start a Minch fan club.


I’m sorry, I’m just slightly blinded by the absolutely gorgeous breasts in front of me. And one of them has my name on it!

Thanks love!

Yummy (featuring YSL)

And finally, to the deviantly sexy lady who started this all, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And to YSL too for having a delicious cock. And, you know, being an angel and that.

For all of you, plus everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Twitter, plus Brooke Magnanti, my heroine who wished me a happy birthday and a happy St. Nicholas, plus everything and everyone, plus Minch for exsisting, plus Charlie Glickman for possibly reading my previous post…

Thank you. You are the beats that make my heart go. My heros.

To close off this post, I want to introduce you to another one of my heros.

April Flores. She’s Delicious with a capital D.




So, my birthday thing is going well. I just now opened a very lovely e-mail from Aussiescribbler, containing a very detailed fantasy…

With three days to go till I hit the big 2-1, I want to remind you again of said birthday thing.

I want you to arouse me.

Send me a fantasy you have about me, send me a sexy picture of yourself, a clip of a wanking session, an Audioboo, a sexy clip, anything that you think might arouse me. Get creative! Even if you want to just wish me a happy birthday, or send me a pic of The Minch or The Stath I haven’t seen yet, send that shit!

Send it all to , and very many thanks in advance, you sexy people!

I also want to ask something else. A line in Mr Scribbler’s birthday fantasy had me thinking….

How many of you get off to my blog? And how many of you…. (this goes for any gender) have fantasized about a night with me?

I’m not asking because I need an ego boost or something. It’s just that Mr Scribbler made me wonder…

Gift Me Your Arousal

Inspired by my very sexy friend Yummy, I have decided that I want to ask my lovely readers (being you all) something for my upcoming birthday (December 7th) 

For my birthday, I want to be turned on by you!

Send me a picture of you, masturbating over this very site. Whether you’re a man, a woman, gay or straight, genderqueer, trans, anything! Or, send me a picture of something that you think will turn me on! Perhaps you’ve had a naughty thought about me? A fantasy? Is there a porn flick you want to recommend me?

Send that shit! Hit me up with loads of naughty, for I am turning 21 and I intent to celebramajate with sexy things!

Who knows… you might get something in return! That new Lelo vibrator I’m getting… you might see it in action!

Don’t forget to tell me if I can show off your dirty picture in a later post!

So send me your sexy, at this address :

Even if you have a simple birthday wish, send it!

So, spoil me with your arousal. I look forward to it 🙂